TIMELESS HEALTH: Marijuana Usage And All You Should Know

As a matter of fact, the marijuana 
plant has some kind of spirit in it but that is only natural because even the Earth and everything alive in it are all living because it has a spirit behind their existence.
That’s why the mother earth produces things seen and things unseen for God says “with wisdom I formed the earth and with knowledge I spread the heavens” so every wisdom that is true is the one that comes from God as God is a spirit so are each creature spirited and plants of all sorts are not just there, they have life in them same as the beloved marijuana.

                    The Truth About Marijuana 

Like we all know Marijuana has been appraised by different individuals who are corrupted humans from birth who incurred sin that brings us death who are as well world icons and  legends but talking spiritual life, we need to realize what is true about every creation that was created by the Creator of everything that is in existence so every hypothesis/arguments  can only be tested with the real spiritual word which is the word that has life in itself which is known as the truth and except we have the truth that is complete only then can we truly live now and never be destroyed by knowing the truth and Living by it.

We know the Almighty as a Holy, Righteous and good  God, so if I may ask, if God is Holy and his Son Jesus Christ is known to be Holy, righteous and Good with same qualities as his Father possesses then can there be anything dirty, unclean, immoral, corrupt that can be Found in connection with this Holy Divinity ?
The answer is No of course! So is that simple, test everything or arguments with Jesus Christ
and the Truth will be right in front of us. Christ personality and what he represents and who God is and His will is always revealed to us in this manner.

If in anyway, you have been thinking weed, Marijuana, SK, igbo, gbana etc as the plant is labeled has any form of  spiritual connection with God is a lie as this is yet another method, chain of inferno and as Children of God with the spirit of God in us, is our duty to identify such and  we shouldn’t have anything to do with any impurity of any sort whether a thing or a person, that’s why our association matters same as what we do as we know “if we know better we will do better”. Let’s strive to know better with prayers and dedication then we’ll do not good but better.

as Apostles Paul enlightened us to be watchful of how we walk (Read 2 Corinthians 4-) that portion said we should not ‘touch’ not anything that is filthy, unclean.

So in these regard let’s take our stand against all impurity, uncleanliness and anything that corrupt our body and spirit since our body is the Temple of God where He lives in so it must be holy and clean. 

The Spirituality About Marijuana 

Most people have been led astray thereby destroying themselves in and out with the thinking they’re on the right path of some kind of spirituality with the use of Marijuana which is not the true. 
Most persons who got introduced to anything immoral mostly are victims of a certain circumstance depending on individual story since we all have our scripts in this unfair world which is the only reason not to judge anyone because you never really know and as holy as Jesus Christ he said we shouldn’t judge for we are not to judge the law except you are but we are doer of law as only lawmaker is the true judge of law, having said that we shouldn’t let whatever our circumstances define who we are as God has send us help to be saved and cleansed us with his pure light of hope (Jesus Christ) because he understands our circumstances even more that’s why he had chosen the poor and needy to be those who will inherit his glorious kingdom that no wealthy man’s money can ever buy but only our good deed and our faith can give us.

                                       Facts About Marijuana

Marijuana only give some kind of consciousness that makes it look like it had some spiritual power and I will only say the plant has a purpose which has been uttered and twisted by the Devil same way he had uttered and twisted everything from its normality.

 Bad is now meaning good. Anal is now the sex point, same sex is now the in thing while “hot” now mean beautiful when we rightly know anything that is “hot” will burn but this is the twisted generation of long ago but as children of light we should see through the darkness as that is the essence of Christ Jesus in us as our light will continue to get brighter as the dawning of a new day that only gets brighter and brighter.

In time past, some of us might have been in darkness associating with these things but now that we know the truth  by the power in the faith we carry and in the Name we call on, we don’t only disassociate but as well spread the good news of salvation and freedom to the world as that is what we are admonished to do as God fellow worker and as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ except otherwise is your case.

 So choose for yourself as there’s no favoritism with God and he doesn’t understand your inability to shun what’s wrong and do bad as our fear of God can only be when we control our bodies and cleanse ourselves from all impurities both physical and spiritual and He will reward us as he has promised for he is a God who takes pleasure in doing what is good.  

Like I’ve said earlier, the truth about anything can only be tested with just One thing, the truth which is Christ Jesus. 

So talking Spirituality and weed maybe confusing to some persons but that shouldn’t be our case cause we know hidden treasures which are top otch secrets that are unveiled to us by the Holy Spirit.

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