Reality Check On Iyanya, Lilian Esoro, Ubi Franklin, Tekno And Emma Nyra


 Mistakes are inevitable so are bad folks, friends and in my small world I personally grew up surrounding myself with the wrong people which have successfully made me very private now and very choosy on where I go, things I do and those I wanna relate with and all this are coming from me because I was somewhere on the Lagos Island and Ubi Franklin, Iyanya, Emma Nyra, Lilian Esoro and Tekno gossip popped up and most people were seeing vividly how truthful Iyanya is about the whole thing and I can say you don’t have to know someone personally to see through 50% most times, all you need is their step and you know it all.

Young people with dreams who are mentored by deceitful people like them will only be deceitful and is not because of the mentor, is simply because that’s who they are and that is why they are able to unite, cohabit because they’re same people while Iyanya and Ubi  Franklin couldn’t cohabit is because they’re both world apart. 

One was willing to build with a friend and grow something while the other was greedy and all about himself and so is their kind, as they flock together and while his once wife Lillian Esoro
couldn’t stay in with him is a proof same deceit Iyanya is talking about.

Talking  Lillian and Franklin, that case personally has thought me never to take side or conclude on any matter because you may not know it all and as times goes by, things can only become clearer since we are truly a reflection of who we are no matter what, as light and darkness cannot be one ever! Neither can black be white in anyway and going by Iyanya recent interview with Daddy Freeze where he said one day “Duro” hit maker Tekno will speak out as well stating why he (Iyanya) is opening up and saying the truth about Ubi Franklin because he wants his once beloved friend Ubi Franklin “to change because he is not realizing how he’s hurting others and messing people’s lives”.

And we’ll still be here the day Tekno decides to dump his Aboki self and act like an Igbo Man that he is.

 We will be here!. but is very fine too of Tekno being mute and just live on in peace and let God judge because I strongly believe so much in the Creator of everything annothing we do here will go unattended to by him.

The bad people in the entertainment business and industry in Nigeria are one gang as they benefits themselves and do whatever for their selfishness but hello!! the Good People will always be here! Because we own this world together, God never gave only some to rule while others wash their ass, nay.
And the truth according to some Aprokos, they said Emma Nyra would have been Mrs Franklin if he was a truthful and loyal person cus she was with him before the money came him and according to Iyanya the lady actually named the successful Label ‘Made Men music’ and they “made” which produces Simi, Tekon, PraiZ etc and am wondering why are Nigerian guys the same? they so quickly forget a woman’s kindness and love and you want to have a good life? I LAUGH YOU!! WELL , WELL. Obviously you are unaware of how it works here in the universe.

Amazing dude Franklin is not what he appears to be just like every other one of his kind though Nigerians loved him at first without knowing who is in the shadow for no reason and Ubi is the first most famous young Music entrepreneur who became successful after signing Tekno.

 I wanna ask his ex wife Lillian whom was so much under my criticism for not forgiving her hubby, OMG! i want to apologies really to her & anyone whom i have criticize for backing out of marriage after kid (s) from their individual marriages in my younger days. People like Kate Henshaw and Lillian which resulted to them blocking me on Instagram but i acted with love in my heart as i’m a child from a broken home and it was really hard and ugly for me growing up that even warranted me not growing with any of my parent even though they are still alive as they separated anboth of them remarried people who dot like me since age 5.

 I practically grew up on the street with my Mum only assisting me financially since she couldn‘t leave her husband for me whethe man objected to housing me since am another man‘s child though we know better because evil is real and my father’s house was hell for my 8 year self kudos to every good stepmother out there and the only option for me was homes of strangers who offer to help but for how long? and because of that i don’t really want to see parents departing, it gets to me personally and I begin to see pictures that hurt my soul.

So back to Franklin and Iyanya, Personally before now i liked this Ubi guy until I reported to him a scam that took place in South Africa which he responded to me on Instagram and gave directives as well dropping an email to I further told him I do music too and because I was not in the good book of “the cabal” for ever speaking my mind on a flagged reality talent show that is not it but an investment platform, he blocked me off. OMG !!

We will still be here!! at the very end…not  in haste at all. Iyanya and my struggling likes, lets hold on!.

Emma Nyra & Ubi Franklin 


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