There are things you don’t need to say!
Pity ain’t real in these days and age excerpt 
you want yourself to be mistreated, abused like trash
There are people you don’t need to see & relate with any longer 

There are.. for your healthy mind and peace

There are places you don’t need to go and be for any reason
There are things you MUST change to in your present state 

 is she!

There are… yes there are times is harder and tougher for you because you choose to live godly and be a good person among unlike you in this world

It will amaze you when you’re hated because you have good morals and good !
Which is natural since you don‘t belong with them
For the world will be fond of what is its …
And the times you went astray were because you were driven insane into the insanity world but you’re now cured & healed
Just know there are..
And there will always be !
Till the Kingdom Comes.

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