Star Movie: Alexandra Crane & Derrick Tie The Knot Alongside Ms. Ruby, Mateo, Angel And Casey Death

Who’s following STAR ? ( I Bring Me!)

Our best love birds Alexandra Crane and Derrick did tie the knot and it was so sweet but killing of Angel, to make Symone sad again then MS RUBY,  Mateo the Cuban entertainment mogul, Casey the Deviling OMG!! to me I think it was a great spice for

Mateo and Casey to die (script writers will understand that more) since they’re into many eyesore but MS RUBY ? Our ever green grandma that broke our heart but Casey for killing Jahill! She deserves to BURN like Ms Carlotta would say.

The star movie is too much education, love, tears, life and death but I can’t help it. I’m so intrigued everytime that I want to see it on and on.

Now baby Davis gat the new phase with crazy Noah’s momma then Star with Noah! 

So much suspense but we got to wait for it and wait on it cus that’s what I’m doing.

 #staronfox #star #ibringme  

Welcome to my Movies World! Yeah yea I bring me. 

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