Food: Getting The Best From Homemade Egusi Soup


Photo:  Homemade Egusi Soup by Timeless Da Empress 

Having the best and enjoying your Egusi soup depends on your ingredients and reason why ingredients are important in our foods is to ascertain healthy living for our health should be paramount in that view I only feeds my body with what’s good for it which is very necessary and in making of Egusi Soup just like every other food, the components, the method you imply gives you the taste finale no magic about that. 

Some people assume make believe tales in food preparation but the fact remains

food making is simply garbage in garbage out. 
You can’t have what you didn’t throw in self explaining is you having no adequate salt in it because you didn’t put in adequately.

Making your Egusi Soup is not necessarily if you fry it or cook it as people differs same as there cooking skills, for me my cooking depends on how I feel in a moment and what I want at the moment. 

There times where I just want my Melon cooked so I don’t get to bleach the oil or the Melon itself while there are times where I want everything fried from the Melon to the fish to the meat and the only thing not fried then will the vegetables which are added 60 seconds to done and what makes Egusi Soup thick for me is my favorite Bitterleaf and little Spinach locally known in Nigeria as the Ugu leaf as these two veggies  combinations brings the goodness of green life into the Soup and it’s taste is simply delicious.

Mostly when the bitterleaf is left bitter (for the bitter taste lovers like me lol) it leaves your mouth sweetly sweetened after the meal.

And talking ingredients for this special African Delicacy,  You’ll  need a touch of

these top four alongside the grinded Melon which are Crayfish, it can be grinded alongside the Melon with pepper or decides to wash it in without blending. Titus Fish, should be cut to desired sizes. Meat or fried meatballs either way as you like it then Kpomo which can as well be sliced to desired size and Yeah is all set!.

The Egusi soup is one of Nigerians favorite soup and is affordable for everyone, with just small money you have made yourself or your family this delicious soup that can be enjoyed with Eba which is garri, Akpu, Pounded Yam, Semo, etc.  

So try it out if you’ve been doing it differently from my recommend and you can drop you comments below to share how you enjoy yours!. Yeah thank you.


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