Mexican Druglord El Chapo Demands To Feel The “Sunshine” In Prison !


Like seriously. There are things the poor wouldn’t think of talk more to daring in their fairest condition while there’s absolutely nothing the rich wouldn’t dare in the their worst dilemma following Mexican born drug lord El Chapo serving jail terms in America, just like always he’s making a demand again to have some air outside so as to feel the glorious sunshine that is worth multi millions to criminals.

He as well wants to make use of his earplugs, according to records, the drug lord had been of good behavior behind bars and that might have prompted his confidence to demand the impossible since ‘Jack gets a candy if he is a good boy’ lol but is a no! no for him from the authorities who haven’t forgotten the stuff he’s made off.

El Chapo former escape route from jail.

So since he can’t be trusted despite being of “good behavior” his money and influence aint getting him all the comfort that he’s craving that can of course blew him away into thin air so to him, we say better luck next time!.


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  1. Nbote

    It’s like he’s planned another escape dis time lol… All his measures to evade arrest afta breakouts is going to make d Americans ensure dat he doesn’t ever see d light of day again


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