Why You Shouldn’t Be Fooled By Comedian IGODIE Birthday Gift To His Son Roy Agoda !

Here is stand-up comedian Igodie message to his son:

” I celebrate your 9 years birthday my son, expressing 

the essence of shelter, reminiscent of how some of us grow up,with some things we never had.This GOLDEN SEAL CASTLE Birthday gift is just a step for you to achieve greater things in the future and praying that God should grant this privilege to many others. 

May this little gift bring forth hope to many children,who may not be privileged to have good shelter,nurturing in them that every thing is possible.

I can’t define the future but I will try to bring more than a million smiles to your life,by bringing your dreams closer at all times by the grace of God. #happybirthday my prince Roy Agoda. “

And i’m wondering how so.. same house … is crazy how money has let a lot of things go north in our world and now people are mandated to flaunt, fake and live their whole live on forgeries!. Manipulating things that aint real like last year or so comedian Francis Agoda popularly known as Igodie showed off his white and gold castle that he said as a gift to his mum and the whole world were all pouring him accolades as coffee for being such a wonderful son and later on he there shared photos of his mum having a good time with her friends then praying for him to achieve more things and now is the same house he’s dedicating to his son Roy, OMG!!

Surprisingly enough those that are forth coming with information are all acting ‘not in the know’ yea, we get that.

Well below are photos of the house and its history below.

Igodie mother praying for him in celebration after the ace comedian said he built the “Golden Eyes Castle” in honor of his beloved mother In celebration of mother’s day.
Igodie and son alongside his castle

As the now grace our world with the comedian’s warm words to his son who added another year with same castle as birthday gift to him and that got me wondering where is written that one must gift buildings, mansions to our loved ones to prove our love? My message to Igodie: Bros abeg buy him a toy or do we dedicate a thing to more than one person, never heard that before.

This material chaos knows no end in this generation where men are only in-love for the gains and others marring their ancestors, home and abroad.

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