Ifeanyi Udenze Argues On Footballers Being Guarded For Security Reasons

Nigerian football icon Ifeanyi Udenze did grace the Lagos Brila FM this morning and the topic discussed was if is necessary for football stars to always go out with their security guards to avoid fans mobbing and any situation that might be life threatened since there have been stories of Stars shot at and even killed in some occasions since they can afford it.

Speaking on the matter, Udenze said is not always necessary but personally he would only take security guards with him to events, functions etc and not when he’s just want to have a stroll or chill and enjoy life normalcies as well stressing that people varies so Are their preferences while there are his kind of people who love to be free sometimes and enjoy normalcies there are as well Others who don’t want people touching or coming close to them so they take bodyguards all the way to anywhere because they don’t want people disturbing them whether for pleasantries or photos but it all bores down to an individual personality.

But with the whole explanation the Presenter still wasn’t getting it even after a caller called in to make reference to a football star he knows that only night crawl because of freedom and to avoid more fans sight seeing him whom I know but I That football star is night crawling because he like the Nightlife not because he doesn’t want people because he’s a people-person.

So back to the gist, the presenter wasn’t getting Udenze’s ideology of individual security preferences, his take is a no, NO stating that for security reasons and for stories that hurt, Footballers should always take guards everywhere they go and I’m like Wahoo! that can be possible if money wouldn’t be involved but for the money involvement and keepings that ain’t possible.

So guys KINDLY drop your thoughts down below comment box.

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