Living In Lagos And Finding Love !

Singer Simi and Adekunle Gold

This is Lagos

Love in Lagos Nigeria is sweet, fun, good and easy. I don’t know how love stories turns out in other cities but the good thing is love can be found anywhere irrespective of whatever and Lagos ain’t an exceptional but same way is sweet, fun and all that it can be for a moment due to many factors surrounding life in Lagos.

We have our favorite bus stops and buses tales which you must have heard whether true or false but they’re what will give you heads up about what the city entails since Lagos city breeds stories that turns into history every minute and day, the most exciting and not too pretty ones happens in the street of Lagos, buses and bus stops so don’t be too scared or close off. Open your mind as opportunities hits you but be wise on how to go either left or right.

So talking love, Lovers enjoy the beaches here. I am beach person which is one reason I moved from the Mainland to the Island and if am with a loved one, I would love the beach in some mornings and in some cool evenings before hitting the bed, so love is fun in Lagos but finding love, I mean real LOVE is very difficult here cause everybody wants what they wanting, lol but some good love stories have their footprints in the sand of Lagos so don’t be close-off.

Enjoy Lagos if you here and be open minded regardless but watch how you thread.

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