The Old Man With The Walking Stick

(Expressional Character) Cameroon Old Man

The Old Man with the walking stick is a man named Kaiser.

Kaiser is a grandfather who died in the early 2000s, he was a very moral man. Tall, dark skinned, a sight of him is with a stick of SM Cigarette in one hand and his walking stick in another as he limped with one bad leg hastily.

He was fun to be with, a storyteller and a traditionalist who didn’t have any formal education in his days just like every rural person he knew the rural world and he lived each day as it comes.

He could hear the birds and understand what they’re saying and he could read the signs in the sky every morning, in the evening little children would go to him to hear tales about the birds, the tortoise and the lion repeatedly because there’s no ending to the amount of laughter and moral lessons at the end.

He had a shrine at the outskirts of the town where he would hastily go each morning and evening to put up a light with the help a candlestick or kerosene lamp for his lifeless idols that he regarded as god. Many times he would argue why his idol is good and why he would not fellowship with other idol worshippers.

One day Kaiser fell so ill that he couldn’t move and he was so down that he begged his idol to save him, with all the knowledge of herbs he had yet he couldn’t help himself as each herbs he used brought no healing to his body so he thought and said “for so long I have been praying and worshiping you my idols but now I am down, can’t help me?” No word came out from his idols then Kaiser realize the idols are mere sticks and handmade structures that have no life in themselves talk more of giving so he shouted and wailed on how stupid he had been just as worthless are his gods so he made himself and a few days later he died.


Not all who knows so much are actually wise

Don’t let lifeless idols or meaningless things sap away your strength

Refuse to associate with worthlessness for your future will be exactly the fate of what you associate it

Fools die foolishly

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