Timeless Diary: The Powerful Woman!

Mercy Johnson

The Powerful Woman

She’s silent and focus

She’s her and never minds

Live the flows & low cuts

She is a fighter

A goal getter

A tough one

A superwoman, a pearl

Her tears are not seen

So her pains are unknown

She keeps pushing

Crawling, wishing

Her sun shines from inside

Her brightness ain’t comparable

She’s a gem, lioness and a tigress

Her thoughts are deep

And her words has grown faint

But she’s heard, seen and understood

A powerful woman is hard to find

Different and very difficult to get

She scares men

Women gets jealous

Since they can’t admire

She believes in herself

Overtime she knows the world

And keep her word and her world

Because she understands

Without knowing she’s

A Powerful Woman

Published by

Timeless Da Empress

I am a comic creative box kindly be part of my small world.

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