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I am Timeless Da Empress as you already know or just simply call me Joy. I take pride in everything I do. I am a writer, an entertainer, an Artist, actress, (check my Youtube channel I talk there too) My best side is my comic self. I am highly passionate about Learning and Giving. Kindly be part of my small world of Me and always check here, slide in the conversational comment box frequently so I can appreciate you for stopping by, thank you. See Y'all around. CHAcha!.

    Nigerians Shocked As ATM Dispenses Lesser Notes (Photo)

    Surprise! surprise, surprisingly the cash automated machines are now paying lesser notes than the 500 & 1000 regular notes. As seen above, the Nigerian N200 are now being received in some areas at ATM point and that got me wondering if one is cashing twenty thousand Naira that ought to be 20 pieces of notes or 40 maximum if paying N500 notes but now that the Two Hundred Naira note […]

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    What Is LinkedIn? And Ways You Abuse LinkedIn And It’s Users

    Aside being passionate about entertainment life I am as well very much passionate about the corporate world which is my professional life as nobody living is alive without having his or her own profession irrespective, so. What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a professional platform to enables you grow you career and business, make connections and customers. What Makes Different From Facebook? LinkedIn is about your professional life as such indecency […]

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    Generator Fumes Ends Family Of Seven In Rivers State (Graphic Photos)

    The saddest News today sweeping the country is a family of seven who are residents of Elele Community in Rivers State, they’re said to have shut there doors to have a night rest and didn’t wake up to open their door as usual which drew their neighbors attention resulting to a forceful break-in only to find the family which is comprise of a husband and wife and their five children […]

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    Better Lagos: Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu Save Lagos From Toll Gate Billing

    To proof a better Lagos is Doable the Governor Babajide Sanwo Olu has INTRODUCED A TOLL FREE HOURS on the toll gate for Lagosians to enjoy. According to report the Governor declared a toll-free passage at the toll plaza on Lekki-Epe Expressway and the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge between 6:30am and 9:30am in the morning, and also at the peak period in the evening (4:30pm to 8pm) and that is what […]

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    Ras kimono’s Daughter Oge Kimono Drops Ten Track “Good Ole Days” Reggae Album

    Late Reggae Legend Raskimo who happened to be Nigerian frontier of the Rasta Movement still lives on despite sleeping in death as his eldest daughter who is known to be trending on the same path like her father is out now with her album titled “Good Ole Days”. According to her, the album is a ten track record that featured the likes of Sound Sultan and Jesse Jagz with the […]

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    Jungle Justice Falls On A Thief Caught At Uhoro Community In Benin City (Photos)

    A poor thief is caught in Uhoro community of Edo State for stealing in order to feed himself unfortunately he ran out of luck. A video of him surfaced online showing him beaten blue, black while they were trying to identify him, was asked his name to avoid more shame and beating he said his name was ‘Khalifa’ which can’t be true anyway. See photo below, poor him!.

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    Wilmer Goes To Church: Patoranking Showoff British Musician Bera As Daughter Wilmer’s God Father (Photos)

    As Patoranking’s daughter Wilmer goes to church the dancehall singer share photos with us thereby revealing The Godfather to his beautiful little one and it happens to be a white-white fellow musician known as Bera and from the look of things Pato and Bera definitely are cooking up something sauce-cious pretty soon . Below are more photos of Bera being a father figure to Wilmer. Photo Credit: Instagram/patoranking Instagram/beraofficial

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    Check Out Nigerian Born Fashion Icon Swanky Jerry Birthday Gift From “Sky”

    I’m singing happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you…! Is Swanky’s birthday and he ain’t marking it like a commoner nay! No way. The fashion builder showed a spectacular gift from “sky” according to him which also said to have delayed in arrival due to custom procedures but here it is packed in his exposure and he shared a moral lesson with what we call ‘Surulere’ saying patience is […]

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    Big Brother Naija Star, Tboss Sighted In Abuja Heavily Pregnant After Vehemently Denial And Raining Insult On Fans !

    So “Hanty” that’s what the Aproko called the Reality TV star Tboss who was sighted in a medical center somewhere in Abuja with heavy belly and unknowingly to her Lagos ain’t the only place ‘Aproko’ stays and this what we gat! See below lol. Rumors have it that the baby Dada is Ubi Franklin and of the rumor are true that will make it two women expecting babies for the […]

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    Nigerian Celebrities Loved Ones Dying A Mere Coincidence ?

    In recent years, very close family members of famous Nigerian music stars seems to be dying more than the ordinary people so some say which is eyebrow raising if its just accidental happenings and coincidence or there’s more to it knowing fame is not rosy as most people perceive it to be as at some point there is MUCH more on the trip to the top!. but reality check we […]

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