Mix-feelings Trails Simi’s PHOTO’S While Marking Anniversary In Verde Cape With Hubby Adekunle Gold

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Nigerians Shocked As ATM Dispenses Lesser Notes (Photo)

Surprise! surprise, surprisingly the cash automated machines are now paying lesser notes than the 500 & 1000 regular notes.

As seen above, the Nigerian N200 are now being received in some areas at ATM point and that got me wondering if one is cashing twenty thousand Naira that ought to be 20 pieces of notes or 40 maximum if paying N500 notes but now that the Two Hundred Naira note is being introduced, what’s the future for Nigerians in Nigeria?.

Kindly drop your thoughts below.

What Is LinkedIn? And Ways You Abuse LinkedIn And It’s Users

Aside being passionate about entertainment life I am as well very much passionate about the corporate world which is my professional life as nobody living is alive without having his or her own profession irrespective, so.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional platform to enables you grow you career and business, make connections and customers.

What Makes Different From Facebook?

LinkedIn is about your professional life as such indecency of any kind whether in dressing, Communication, pictures etc is not condole at all on the platform just like the office environment while Facebook is a social media platform not an official ground like LinkedIn so it takes anything from its users.

While there are restrictions on LinkedIn there are no restrictions of any kind on Facebook hence the good, the bad are there and indecency is the order of the place.

Ways LinkedIn Is Abused

Most people seems not really understand the LinkedIn platform as people tend to have a self assumption of what the platform stands for instead of actually understanding why a place or something was birthed since we all know Nothing comes into existence without a purpose so if a creator or an entrepreneur decides to create something is because he foresees something. He had a vision and a Mission, so before venturing into anything it should be thoughtful of you to know why you should be there.

But unfortunately because some people fail to make their research hence the Professional Platform is continuously abuse on a daily basis, why some people might wonder how the LinkedIn platform being abused ? Asking me to tell me about myself on LinkedIn is like seeing a lady at your workplace and your first words are “tell me about yourself”? And just like me she’ll frown at you.

If you don’t really know what LinkedIn is about just take this and stick it into your brain ‘LinkedIn is an official ground’. LinkedIn is not Facebook or Instagram maybe sometimes you might have heard that phrase too which is very factual, so without talking much more, here are things you do that people frown at on the platform that might mostly make you loose your connections that would have land you your big break in your business or in your career.

1. Romance – As a professional place what people discussed as you always see is their professional life, business and careers as such LinkedIn is the wrongest place to want to seek a romantic partner. When you do that, you not only violating the platform but you’re assaulting the person and such act wish trends on Facebook has made many people uncomfortable which has result to them withdrawing their activities from Facebook thereby socializing more only on LinkedIn and you may wonder why?

The answer is simple, people don’t what to be bugged with irrelevant discussion that will not contribute anything positive to them or increase their take home So please don’t make people feel uncomfortable talking to you, only discuss professional things on the platform and if you do, you’ll gain more than you ever thought. Personally I have made friends on LinkedIn and that only happened because it all started in a professional way and still is. Those that deviate from professional discussion are of course ignore. So always know LinkedIn for what it is! It is for people who are professionals on any field to build, seek a job, offer a job, encourage, cheer, share and not otherwise.

2. Personal – Because you find a connection on LinkedIn no matter what your thoughts are about the person maybe because of the person’s overwhelming aura from the display picture should not warrant you sending personal messages like some I have read “where in Lagos are you staying?” “Beautiful lady can I meet you ?” “How can I have you”? Or the icons of LOVE all over the message, Me I wouldn’t answer you whether you’re a woman or a man because I don’t know you, you never interact on the comment section to even get yourself familiarize and if you have please stay professional at all times because nobody on LinkedIn is searching for a Whatever you thinking except improving their personal life.

3. Indecent Content – Whether in words or pictures, never share anything you can’t share in your office. And as a professional place bodies are meant to be covered so you shouldn’t expose your body indecently on LinkedIn no matter how carefree your lifestyle is. The platform is not for nudity as such you should not arouse anyone with you body or facial gestures.

4. Insulting / Rude – Do not be rude to anyone with your comments or message. Always respond professionally and politely just in the same manner you would to your boss in the office. You can drop your opinion about something but know others too are entitled to their own opinion so state yours and respond to comments without insult and rudeness.

So guys I believe this post has done justice to what is LinkedIn and how it should be used appropriately so kindly drop your thoughts below, cha cha!! See y’all around.

Nigerian Celebrities Loved Ones Dying A Mere Coincidence ?

In recent years, very close family members of famous Nigerian music stars seems to be dying more than the ordinary people so some say which is eyebrow raising if its just accidental happenings and coincidence or there’s more to it knowing fame is not rosy as most people perceive it to be as at some point there is MUCH more on the trip to the top!. but reality check we know death do happens to everyone irrespective of whatever.

According to global report, Influential people and those who seek riches, fame belong to some undisclosed cabal that tends to make them sacrifice whatever for gains or for exchange for something that mostly hunt them to their grave which is one reason helping anyone in any form is difficult but having said that we should know that some deaths can be natural as well irrespective of any suspicious but either way be inform and guided that all that glitters isn’t gold and all that is gold is not…

Why You Shouldn’t Be Fooled By Comedian IGODIE Birthday Gift To His Son Roy Agoda !

Here is stand-up comedian Igodie message to his son:

” I celebrate your 9 years birthday my son, expressing 

the essence of shelter, reminiscent of how some of us grow up,with some things we never had.This GOLDEN SEAL CASTLE Birthday gift is just a step for you to achieve greater things in the future and praying that God should grant this privilege to many others. 

May this little gift bring forth hope to many children,who may not be privileged to have good shelter,nurturing in them that every thing is possible.

I can’t define the future but I will try to bring more than a million smiles to your life,by bringing your dreams closer at all times by the grace of God. #happybirthday my prince Roy Agoda. “

And i’m wondering how so.. same house … is crazy how money has let a lot of things go north in our world and now people are mandated to flaunt, fake and live their whole live on forgeries!. Manipulating things that aint real like last year or so comedian Francis Agoda popularly known as Igodie showed off his white and gold castle that he said as a gift to his mum and the whole world were all pouring him accolades as coffee for being such a wonderful son and later on he there shared photos of his mum having a good time with her friends then praying for him to achieve more things and now is the same house he’s dedicating to his son Roy, OMG!!

Surprisingly enough those that are forth coming with information are all acting ‘not in the know’ yea, we get that.

Well below are photos of the house and its history below.

Igodie mother praying for him in celebration after the ace comedian said he built the “Golden Eyes Castle” in honor of his beloved mother In celebration of mother’s day.
Igodie and son alongside his castle

As the now grace our world with the comedian’s warm words to his son who added another year with same castle as birthday gift to him and that got me wondering where is written that one must gift buildings, mansions to our loved ones to prove our love? My message to Igodie: Bros abeg buy him a toy or do we dedicate a thing to more than one person, never heard that before.

This material chaos knows no end in this generation where men are only in-love for the gains and others marring their ancestors, home and abroad.