Nigerian Celebrities Loved Ones Dying A Mere Coincidence ?

In recent years, very close family members of famous Nigerian music stars seems to be dying more than the ordinary people so some say which is eyebrow raising if its just accidental happenings and coincidence or there’s more to it knowing fame is not rosy as most people perceive it to be as at some point there is MUCH more on the trip to the top!. but reality check we know death do happens to everyone irrespective of whatever.

According to global report, Influential people and those who seek riches, fame belong to some undisclosed cabal that tends to make them sacrifice whatever for gains or for exchange for something that mostly hunt them to their grave which is one reason helping anyone in any form is difficult but having said that we should know that some deaths can be natural as well irrespective of any suspicious but either way be inform and guided that all that glitters isn’t gold and all that is gold is not…

Those That Are Interested In Other People’s Lives

 People who are interested in other people’s lives are More interested in other people’s lives than their own lives because there is a desired goal.

They are more concerned about the other person affairs more than the reality of their own lives which makes me wonder ‘why sweat on another man’s business’ like is yours? but tthey’re unchanging because that’s who they are. (Busybody)
Hard times are here for us all so these  days people are utilizing every tool to achieve whatever and one thing those who seek friendship do is want friends for the gains there by maximizing
their opportunities in enlarging their friends network who can be of helpful now or in the nearest future.
Here are some traits of those who are interested in people’s lives?:

These people love and want to hold stronger conversation with you in just a short time of meeting you, intrigued! You may begin to feel comfortable enough to let them into the real deal of your private life. Watch out!.

They seems more interested in your life in a minute of meeting them, they want to know who is in your life without them talking deep of themselves. Note that some of these kind of persons varies and operate on different frequency but same methods in accomplishing their hunger.

They would even give you awesome advice since words are affordable by everyone and free so they can use them, they’ll give free advices without you even asking, they are that amazing! but selfish in disguise.

People who are interested in other people’s lives have an ulterior motives most times, since we all know the slogan “if you want a friend be a friend” so they are “being a friend” they want a close relationship with you using your story as the bond that glued it.

 Most people have use this method in warming themselves into other people’s lives pretending to be friends when is just a facade because when real trouble comes, trust me they can’t stand a second helping you fix then you’ll realize the distance that has always been. Weird, but this is reality! This is life.


As much as people seems interested in your life, they are so inquisitive to know about what’s on your plate but the fact is none truly cares ! they curious.

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