Danfo Drivers: Mad Melon Cause Of Death Unveils!

Danfo-Drivers duo who just passed on and was laid to rest yesterday is the reason the AirPlay is Danfo-Drivers vocals.

Madmelon is a Delta State born from the Isoko speaking part and his names are Orevaoghene Oghenemaro Omeofa professionally known as Mad-melon.

His death was reported by veteran Ajegunle music icon Daddy Showkey who is as well an Isoko by tribe, so he broke the news on social media without mentioning the ‘Iyami o” crooner cause of death but ended his speech with these worrisome words in the Nigerian Pidgin.

“…if them dey tell people make them dey hear o” which can be connoted in different ways and of course it has raised eyebrows that madmelon‘s death wasn’t that appropriate, suggesting some kind of negligence.

After much findings by timelessaproko it turns out that there’s much that the media didn’t uncover so here is my findings.

Comments On Daddy Showkey’s post shed some light that Madmelon was having a time that eventually led to his death. While Daddy Showkey’s last words seems to do more good so let just say please be kind to yourself and don’t follow the crowd. Use your head cause if e happen it is you. (Sad)

While Daddy Showkey among other celebrities are on fire by fans who blamed celebrities who will only speak your name after death which should be no secret for everyone alive.

May his gentle soul Rest In Peace!.

The Old Man With The Walking Stick

(Expressional Character) Cameroon Old Man

The Old Man with the walking stick is a man named Kaiser.

Kaiser is a grandfather who died in the early 2000s, he was a very moral man. Tall, dark skinned, a sight of him is with a stick of SM Cigarette in one hand and his walking stick in another as he limped with one bad leg hastily.

He was fun to be with, a storyteller and a traditionalist who didn’t have any formal education in his days just like every rural person he knew the rural world and he lived each day as it comes.

He could hear the birds and understand what they’re saying and he could read the signs in the sky every morning, in the evening little children would go to him to hear tales about the birds, the tortoise and the lion repeatedly because there’s no ending to the amount of laughter and moral lessons at the end.

He had a shrine at the outskirts of the town where he would hastily go each morning and evening to put up a light with the help a candlestick or kerosene lamp for his lifeless idols that he regarded as god. Many times he would argue why his idol is good and why he would not fellowship with other idol worshippers.

One day Kaiser fell so ill that he couldn’t move and he was so down that he begged his idol to save him, with all the knowledge of herbs he had yet he couldn’t help himself as each herbs he used brought no healing to his body so he thought and said “for so long I have been praying and worshiping you my idols but now I am down, can’t help me?” No word came out from his idols then Kaiser realize the idols are mere sticks and handmade structures that have no life in themselves talk more of giving so he shouted and wailed on how stupid he had been just as worthless are his gods so he made himself and a few days later he died.


Not all who knows so much are actually wise

Don’t let lifeless idols or meaningless things sap away your strength

Refuse to associate with worthlessness for your future will be exactly the fate of what you associate it

Fools die foolishly

Living In Lagos And Finding Love !

Singer Simi and Adekunle Gold

This is Lagos

Love in Lagos Nigeria is sweet, fun, good and easy. I don’t know how love stories turns out in other cities but the good thing is love can be found anywhere irrespective of whatever and Lagos ain’t an exceptional but same way is sweet, fun and all that it can be for a moment due to many factors surrounding life in Lagos.

We have our favorite bus stops and buses tales which you must have heard whether true or false but they’re what will give you heads up about what the city entails since Lagos city breeds stories that turns into history every minute and day, the most exciting and not too pretty ones happens in the street of Lagos, buses and bus stops so don’t be too scared or close off. Open your mind as opportunities hits you but be wise on how to go either left or right.

So talking love, Lovers enjoy the beaches here. I am beach person which is one reason I moved from the Mainland to the Island and if am with a loved one, I would love the beach in some mornings and in some cool evenings before hitting the bed, so love is fun in Lagos but finding love, I mean real LOVE is very difficult here cause everybody wants what they wanting, lol but some good love stories have their footprints in the sand of Lagos so don’t be close-off.

Enjoy Lagos if you here and be open minded regardless but watch how you thread.

Living An Orphan, As An Orphan.

An orphan (from the Greek: ορφανός, orphanós) is someone whose parents are dead or unknown or have abandoned them.

Though most times orphans are regarded as those whose parents are dead but in reality that’s not the case for every orphan out there. Some people are forced to live on their own due to different circumstances even though their parents are still breathing, hence such ones are as well orphans.

Obviously this post is about being an orphan and I want to share tips on what orphans have in common and one thing they both have that never fails them is GOD, yea, LOL they do and that’s all they really have.

Tips on living as an orphan

  • Realize your situation and accept it. Remind yourself you are all you’ve got and look out for your good in every situation.
  • Don’t be shy about your life or predicament – tell your friends, lover who you truly are. When I was growing up I never told anyone I meet about my life and it had a bad toll back on me. So tell your story, your pain to your close friends especially when they’ve tell you theirs, don’t hide anymore.
    Realize your situation and live in full awareness of what it is. This will not only make you have directions in your life but as well will shape you and you wouldn’t make many mistakes that you’ve to regret much later in future.
    Learn to save and spend less because you need money to see life through so SAVE and buy less.
  • Associate only with determine minds who want to be something in future not walk about friends hence they’ll lead you into who you are not and will make you do the wrong things and even make you go to the worst schools. Choice on who to associate with is everything so choose wisely.
  • Do not be overly-Joy, you’ll awaken your sense of reasoning in tears and pain hence sadness will do you more good than laughter. Be alive each moment so you don’t postpone whatever you dealing with because is not avoidable so feel free behind close doors to cry. Tears will bring joy to you and try not to wallow in tears for too long. Try to make yourself happy sometimes.

Drop your comments if the post is helpful or useful.

Timeless Diary: Teenage Regrets !

Davis Viola

Teenage Regrets!

I had so much to say but never said a word

Should have let you in but I was so speechless

I was naive so I never thought the right way

Not even one day did I acted the right way

But you were my everything

And I did hoped for eternity

But somehow I wasn’t right

Because I couldn’t find the strength or the voice,

The words stopped there right in my heart

And now I wish I opened up

I wish I tried, maybe an orphan would have found a brother

And a more in your arms…

Stonebwoy Share A Million Words In One Spill !


Ghanaian dancehall Star, Stonebwoy just drop a Million word in one spill ! And from the look of things this brother got himself secured for life by paying attention to details. I wish I can write more but I’ve decided to make my posts shorter so use your tongue to count your teeth.

“A TRUE “ one who can find ? We all can find but HOW you handle makes your future.

Funny enough many people cheat themselves las las them go can’t never be alright 😂😂😂

Don’t forget is comedy, is Reality, is News.

Babymama Saga As Franklin Ubi Fourth Babymama Sandra Iheuwa Delivers & Name Child After Her Family Name (Photo)

Actress Lillian Esoro former husband who is said to have impregnated one Miss Sandra Iheuwa has deliver over the weekend.

Miss Sandra Iheuwa is said to be a CEO with some money to throw around and in the course of being “close” to Mr Ubi lend some millions to him that he never paid back and that has been part of her epistles while battling with rejection from the young Music entrepreneur and now she just announced the arrival of her baby and Ubi’s naming the newborn as A.C Iheuwa.

Going by her Ibo culture, since the man whom impregnated Her didn’t marry her, the baby is her family’s child therefore the child will be bearing “Iheuwa” and since this is just an introduction let’s see what the future holds for baby A.C and the father Ubi Franklin whom is yet to speak or accept his new responsibility.