Life Check: Frank Edoho Past Decision Now Having A Toll On His Present As He Ages !

MTN’s “Who wants to a millionaire” anchor Frank Edoho seems to be trending over comparison of his presenting skills with his younger colleagues, Big Brother Naija anchor Ebuka Uchendu, Actor and Naija Sing anchor Joseph Benjamin and Uti Nwachukwu and of course Nigerians are loud-ing it!.

As Frank Edoho is the best host Nigerians have ever enjoy and indeed he warmed every heart with his handsome look like every young man then before his little wife beating scandal started crawling in which resulted to his crashed marriage to OAP Katherine Obiang, a woman who started with him when he was nothing till he got his radio job, according to his then colleagues who recounts how Katherine Obiang was always so caring and being a superwoman for him when the checks had less zeros, but sorry men forget their hungry days when they’re alright!.

Sometimes few months back I stumble on our beloved Frank Edoho at the Lagos Palms shopping mall in Victoria Island with his new wife Sandra and I can imagine why men always be men and women remains women.

Once in a lifetime we all have come to meet that one person we’ll always have in our heart and I had mine and the case of Katherine Obiang seem close but the only difference between our story is that there are no kids and no marriage but we lived a lifetime as short as it was and this experience gave me insight on what could’ve happened.

Men changes! Men change! that is very factual and the Joystick between their legs controls them mostly and the truth is no matter what you do for a man in time past, if you like save his life, that doesn’t guarantee you of his affection and loyalty till the end because when he wants out, he wants out! and did I tell you?

Lol you need to see the Sandra lady, that’ll give you some sense of understanding and I’m not talking about photos but the live show lol… she’s what some people will call ‘overly hot’ sexy tomatoes and if a man like Frank Edoho want to play he gat to stay because of course Frank Edoho was a great catch too with Billions and admiration all over him from left, right and center when the “who wants to be a billionaire” TV Show was on but now…

Here’s what I learnt, every beauty being it in a man or woman fades and fade indeed and one good thing about the human nature is that you cannot control how you age irrespective of skin therapies even surgeries has the most aftermaths.

So seeing Frank Edoho in that Mall that day awake some sense of reasoning in me and the reality of life in general, though I wouldn’t like to spell everything out because I just don’t want to be talking about people these days and yes that’s why my blogging is sleeping now but here’s what I can say, is worthless to work yourself up so much to please your partner when your partner is just themselves, love shouldn’t be that tense though that’s how the world understands what love is but we know true love is simple, free, and firm.

If you are doing everything consciously to appeased someone, I have just one question for you. Is that load of a job not just too much for you? Why so much stress? That will only make you age faster!.

Anyway, that’s what you get when you leave your comfort zone for something that ordinarily isn’t yours. I think if Frank Edoho was with his former wife Katherine Obiang, life will be less stressful for him common he shouldn’t be buying diapers at this time then what will I be buying? Like seriously he would’ve been more relaxed emotionally, physically then channel all of his strength in mentoring his children into becoming a replica of him while enjoying his aging comfortably than trying to still look yuppie for a younger woman who is extremely hot in Lekki where there’s too much money and cool dudes.

The question is, how long will this younger woman stay with our already aging Frank? Is worrisome to think of what and what sometimes.

Those women and men that were taken for granted irrespective of their sacrifices and was disappointed, hated because of one imperfection and couldn’t get a pass and a little patience to understand, maybe for looks, financial competence, family background, people around, youthful exuberance, emotional scars, your time to smile is always, live your life to your maximum ability and refuse to cry about yesterday because you did just fine. You’re not perfect but you’re a gem.! You were a pearl that wasn’t kept safe but even the devil know how awesome God is.

So live your life for your tomorrow not jus for the moment everybody and never let people who truly love you down. True love is incomparable and is not found everywhere and is not everything you admire that is good for you at the end of the day the light will shine and what we truly are will be revealed broadly.

The Old Man With The Walking Stick

(Expressional Character) Cameroon Old Man

The Old Man with the walking stick is a man named Kaiser.

Kaiser is a grandfather who died in the early 2000s, he was a very moral man. Tall, dark skinned, a sight of him is with a stick of SM Cigarette in one hand and his walking stick in another as he limped with one bad leg hastily.

He was fun to be with, a storyteller and a traditionalist who didn’t have any formal education in his days just like every rural person he knew the rural world and he lived each day as it comes.

He could hear the birds and understand what they’re saying and he could read the signs in the sky every morning, in the evening little children would go to him to hear tales about the birds, the tortoise and the lion repeatedly because there’s no ending to the amount of laughter and moral lessons at the end.

He had a shrine at the outskirts of the town where he would hastily go each morning and evening to put up a light with the help a candlestick or kerosene lamp for his lifeless idols that he regarded as god. Many times he would argue why his idol is good and why he would not fellowship with other idol worshippers.

One day Kaiser fell so ill that he couldn’t move and he was so down that he begged his idol to save him, with all the knowledge of herbs he had yet he couldn’t help himself as each herbs he used brought no healing to his body so he thought and said “for so long I have been praying and worshiping you my idols but now I am down, can’t help me?” No word came out from his idols then Kaiser realize the idols are mere sticks and handmade structures that have no life in themselves talk more of giving so he shouted and wailed on how stupid he had been just as worthless are his gods so he made himself and a few days later he died.


Not all who knows so much are actually wise

Don’t let lifeless idols or meaningless things sap away your strength

Refuse to associate with worthlessness for your future will be exactly the fate of what you associate it

Fools die foolishly

American Actor Samuel L. Jackson Becomes A Gabonese Citizen (Photos)

American actor Samuel Leroy Jackson who is one of the biggest African frontier in the American make believe world has trace his origin to Gabon and has do the paperwork and now the Marvel actor is now a Proud Gabonese Citizen and the proof is His Green Passport show above.

The irony of it is while there are much Africans here who wants the American passport to become a American citizens there are also thousands of Americans who want their roots passport even whites whose roots ain’t Africa, ironically LOL. Funny world oh yes is comedy, is Reality is News!.

The proud African born whose movies has made the most gross revenue ever has now embarked on visiting Traditional Rulers as he fluent his African root to the world on social media and apart from Samuel Leroy Jackson coming back home to his root, he’s also showcasing and supporting the African Market on a global scale by encouraging African entrepreneurs in Africa not only in Gabon, is obviously Africa O’ Clock.

Kindly share your thoughts below.

Check Out Nigerian Born Fashion Icon Swanky Jerry Birthday Gift From “Sky”

I’m singing happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you…! Is Swanky’s birthday and he ain’t marking it like a commoner nay! No way.

The fashion builder showed a spectacular gift from “sky” according to him which also said to have delayed in arrival due to custom procedures but here it is packed in his exposure and he shared a moral lesson with what we call ‘Surulere’ saying patience is a virtue.

Time to unveil it! yea… One of my favorite colors and car so I present to you Swanky Range! This is what makes me say “not go there go rack o” Na jeje things, their papa lap, lol.

Congratulations to him and happy birthday Swanky J.

Photo Credit: Instagram/Swankyjerry

Food: Getting The Best From Homemade Egusi Soup


Photo:  Homemade Egusi Soup by Timeless Da Empress 

Having the best and enjoying your Egusi soup depends on your ingredients and reason why ingredients are important in our foods is to ascertain healthy living for our health should be paramount in that view I only feeds my body with what’s good for it which is very necessary and in making of Egusi Soup just like every other food, the components, the method you imply gives you the taste finale no magic about that. 

Some people assume make believe tales in food preparation but the fact remains

food making is simply garbage in garbage out. 
You can’t have what you didn’t throw in self explaining is you having no adequate salt in it because you didn’t put in adequately.

Making your Egusi Soup is not necessarily if you fry it or cook it as people differs same as there cooking skills, for me my cooking depends on how I feel in a moment and what I want at the moment. 

There times where I just want my Melon cooked so I don’t get to bleach the oil or the Melon itself while there are times where I want everything fried from the Melon to the fish to the meat and the only thing not fried then will the vegetables which are added 60 seconds to done and what makes Egusi Soup thick for me is my favorite Bitterleaf and little Spinach locally known in Nigeria as the Ugu leaf as these two veggies  combinations brings the goodness of green life into the Soup and it’s taste is simply delicious.

Mostly when the bitterleaf is left bitter (for the bitter taste lovers like me lol) it leaves your mouth sweetly sweetened after the meal.

And talking ingredients for this special African Delicacy,  You’ll  need a touch of

these top four alongside the grinded Melon which are Crayfish, it can be grinded alongside the Melon with pepper or decides to wash it in without blending. Titus Fish, should be cut to desired sizes. Meat or fried meatballs either way as you like it then Kpomo which can as well be sliced to desired size and Yeah is all set!.

The Egusi soup is one of Nigerians favorite soup and is affordable for everyone, with just small money you have made yourself or your family this delicious soup that can be enjoyed with Eba which is garri, Akpu, Pounded Yam, Semo, etc.  

So try it out if you’ve been doing it differently from my recommend and you can drop you comments below to share how you enjoy yours!. Yeah thank you.


MET GALA 2019: Kerry Washington & Her Nigerian Hubby Nnamdi Asomugha Along Celine Dion & Cardi B

Is been six years of togetherness with Nnamdi Asomugha and Kerry Washington and the 2019 Met Gala night was one of the lucky times for Paparazzi the former NFL player who almost never poses with his actress wife on the red carpet, but paparazzi did shot a group one for us.

Kerry Washington said to e rocking a Tory Burch ensemble embroidered with the phrase
“Negativity Is Noise” while Asomugha avoided the “camp” theme in a navy tuxedo.

At the Met gala, of course there are so many memories to keep and aside the ace power couple like the KKW there, camera got Kerry Washington and her Nigerian husband Nnamdi Asomugha for the notes since this couple are one hell of privates.

The low key rides couple were shown having a chat with his former NFL colleague Dwyane Wade and wife Gabrielle Union then with other folks with all happy mood.

Aside NFL Nnamdi Asomugha is pretty on himself as an actor, last year 2018 he held it down when he was surprisingly nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the Independent Spirit Awards so is very clever to know Mr. Asomugha is no stranger gracing Hollywood snippets.

Recall that Kerry and Nnamdi didn’t share any details of their extremely private wedding i 2013, it was just few invitees to witness the uio that took place in Idaho, USA  a
nfor the babies, it was as well low! low key as her pregnancies and birth of their two babies were never publicly announced as most celebrities are custom and i like it like that!.

In one interview when asked, Miss Washington answered:

“If I don’t talk about my personal life, it means I don’t talk about my personal life,” she said in 2016.

 GUESS WHO POP!! MAMA ever lovely Celine Dion while Cardi gave the theme its savage!.

Comical: Timaya Flaunt All Three Kids & Luxurious Assorts!

Is Timaya!! That is ever hot like fire !!!

Flaunting his belongings like who wouldn’t ? if you so have it? Lol . Cute two replica daughters and a homie son! Is blessing, yea I said that.

Is the big boy swag, no marriage bonds, gat cute kids and taking care of them with luxuries
surrounding you so tell me what you’ll if you ARE NOT Timaya? Lol, cause obviously you not neither am I. So work! Work! Work. Work I say!! 

Egberipapa of Bayelsea repping and living the best life he can.  Everyone gat their script mine is eh … still loading lol. 

Kindly drop a comment for the Only Nigerian girl down, down, down!. Thank you in advance.