Life Check: Frank Edoho Past Decision Now Having A Toll On His Present As He Ages !

MTN’s “Who wants to a millionaire” anchor Frank Edoho seems to be trending over comparison of his presenting skills with his younger colleagues, Big Brother Naija anchor Ebuka Uchendu, Actor and Naija Sing anchor Joseph Benjamin and Uti Nwachukwu and of course Nigerians are loud-ing it!.

As Frank Edoho is the best host Nigerians have ever enjoy and indeed he warmed every heart with his handsome look like every young man then before his little wife beating scandal started crawling in which resulted to his crashed marriage to OAP Katherine Obiang, a woman who started with him when he was nothing till he got his radio job, according to his then colleagues who recounts how Katherine Obiang was always so caring and being a superwoman for him when the checks had less zeros, but sorry men forget their hungry days when they’re alright!.

Sometimes few months back I stumble on our beloved Frank Edoho at the Lagos Palms shopping mall in Victoria Island with his new wife Sandra and I can imagine why men always be men and women remains women.

Once in a lifetime we all have come to meet that one person we’ll always have in our heart and I had mine and the case of Katherine Obiang seem close but the only difference between our story is that there are no kids and no marriage but we lived a lifetime as short as it was and this experience gave me insight on what could’ve happened.

Men changes! Men change! that is very factual and the Joystick between their legs controls them mostly and the truth is no matter what you do for a man in time past, if you like save his life, that doesn’t guarantee you of his affection and loyalty till the end because when he wants out, he wants out! and did I tell you?

Lol you need to see the Sandra lady, that’ll give you some sense of understanding and I’m not talking about photos but the live show lol… she’s what some people will call ‘overly hot’ sexy tomatoes and if a man like Frank Edoho want to play he gat to stay because of course Frank Edoho was a great catch too with Billions and admiration all over him from left, right and center when the “who wants to be a billionaire” TV Show was on but now…

Here’s what I learnt, every beauty being it in a man or woman fades and fade indeed and one good thing about the human nature is that you cannot control how you age irrespective of skin therapies even surgeries has the most aftermaths.

So seeing Frank Edoho in that Mall that day awake some sense of reasoning in me and the reality of life in general, though I wouldn’t like to spell everything out because I just don’t want to be talking about people these days and yes that’s why my blogging is sleeping now but here’s what I can say, is worthless to work yourself up so much to please your partner when your partner is just themselves, love shouldn’t be that tense though that’s how the world understands what love is but we know true love is simple, free, and firm.

If you are doing everything consciously to appeased someone, I have just one question for you. Is that load of a job not just too much for you? Why so much stress? That will only make you age faster!.

Anyway, that’s what you get when you leave your comfort zone for something that ordinarily isn’t yours. I think if Frank Edoho was with his former wife Katherine Obiang, life will be less stressful for him common he shouldn’t be buying diapers at this time then what will I be buying? Like seriously he would’ve been more relaxed emotionally, physically then channel all of his strength in mentoring his children into becoming a replica of him while enjoying his aging comfortably than trying to still look yuppie for a younger woman who is extremely hot in Lekki where there’s too much money and cool dudes.

The question is, how long will this younger woman stay with our already aging Frank? Is worrisome to think of what and what sometimes.

Those women and men that were taken for granted irrespective of their sacrifices and was disappointed, hated because of one imperfection and couldn’t get a pass and a little patience to understand, maybe for looks, financial competence, family background, people around, youthful exuberance, emotional scars, your time to smile is always, live your life to your maximum ability and refuse to cry about yesterday because you did just fine. You’re not perfect but you’re a gem.! You were a pearl that wasn’t kept safe but even the devil know how awesome God is.

So live your life for your tomorrow not jus for the moment everybody and never let people who truly love you down. True love is incomparable and is not found everywhere and is not everything you admire that is good for you at the end of the day the light will shine and what we truly are will be revealed broadly.

Babymama Saga As Franklin Ubi Fourth Babymama Sandra Iheuwa Delivers & Name Child After Her Family Name (Photo)

Actress Lillian Esoro former husband who is said to have impregnated one Miss Sandra Iheuwa has deliver over the weekend.

Miss Sandra Iheuwa is said to be a CEO with some money to throw around and in the course of being “close” to Mr Ubi lend some millions to him that he never paid back and that has been part of her epistles while battling with rejection from the young Music entrepreneur and now she just announced the arrival of her baby and Ubi’s naming the newborn as A.C Iheuwa.

Going by her Ibo culture, since the man whom impregnated Her didn’t marry her, the baby is her family’s child therefore the child will be bearing “Iheuwa” and since this is just an introduction let’s see what the future holds for baby A.C and the father Ubi Franklin whom is yet to speak or accept his new responsibility.

Secret Uncover: What Makes Juliet Ibrahim New Dude Vector Tha Viper Better

Rapper Iceberg Slim long has resume rolling solo ever since the love story between him and Ghanaian actress now lie in the past for some unspoken reasons and news have it that rapper Vector Tha Viper, the new dude keeping the screen goddess
warm is everything that Iceberg was not to her.

According to some aproko swinging around though some people thinks botrelationships are all a facade like a paid sponsor Ad.

No doubts Vector’s is more successful in the game & a lady may want a change probably tired of pushing strings for dude to top his game and what’s more, the rumour of VEC being so faithful and loyal..LOL. #HesTooFocusAndLoyal

Guess only time shall confirm their compatibility.

#lOveAffair #iscomedyisrealityisnews

Why Is Difficult For Women To Keep Their Legs Closed For A Man

Men are too awesome and cute to be with one

Like seriously men whoop our world, we can’t do without men same as they can’t do without us.

“Men are too awesome and cute to be with one honestly make una NOR blame us we be human-being too 🤣🤣”

They come in different forms, shape, shades of chemistry and aroma 🌺. 

Too much to be with one maybe but one will make us stay put lol. *wink*.

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 #blogger #weytin #men #go #do #women #eh #even #God #Nor #Know #Am #lol #men  #IsComedyIsRealityIsNews Reaching you comically. #theycomeindifferentforms #oneisnotenough #moreandmore

Tchidi Chikere Tie The Knot For The Second Time With Actress & Script Writer Nuella Njubigbo

Audio blogging: Click on a get entertained and inform by yours truly, On Tchidi Chikere and Nuella Njubigbo wedding.

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is Comedy, is Reality, is News!.

Juliet Ibrahim And Rapper Boyfriend Are Allegedly "Two Unfaithful lovers"

Nigeria-Ghana love birds that fans were all hoping to see a lasting end despite both having a child each in previous relationships seems to have call it quit, is very safe to assume that they’ve outgrown the once upon a time sapphire love.

The Ghanaian born script interpreter deleted all photos of her lover, Nigerian born rapper,
Icebergslim off her IG page where they normally flaunts their affection in the public, according to her, that aspect of her life suddenly should be private (hahaha we smell a rat anyway since there can’t be smoke without fire).

We know what we all do when love go sour! which is the case of Juliet Ibrahim and her man.

what more is, Juliet Ibrahim whom has come to be more comfortable in Nigeria might be moving back to her home country but what happens to the tattoo they both tat on? Iceberg is with the LO while Juliet is with the VE. (hmmm, things Love makes us do is maddington) LOVE can be crazily sweet and bitter as well and the heart to bear both sides of it makes it what it is right? enjoy the thrill of sweet and pain lol.

It will be recall that the two entertains once appear to be so much in love before now and breaking up rumour is nothing new for them, while some people are of the opinion that they are “two unfaithful lovers which is the problem in their relationship.

Actress Mercy Aigbe’s Hubby Call Her "The Prostitute" On A Congratulatory Marriage Message

OH Mine! not again!…

Did you read the above caption by Nollywood Mercy Aigbe’s husband or is it estrange hubby now going by these mega shade?

Mr Asiwaju Lanre Gentry just refer to his actress and slay queen wife as a ‘commercial sex
worker’ like is nothing on the online? chisos, this is a serious matter.

We know, Mercy Aigbe cried out about her overly jealous husband last year when her hubby Mr. Lanre beat her blue black last year and early these year there were rumour making around that Mr. Lanre was begging for forgiveness to reunite with her and now is this MEGA SHADE!.

Is it out of annoyance maybe since the actress refuse taking him back or the claims are true, what do you think guys?

…True Life Tales