Drugs & You: How Far Are You?

You and i May have some similarities in our troubles and addictions but we’ll not decide how far it affects our life, brains and mind. If only we can, we’ll drink getting drunk.

Sadly, today ain’t the days of just weed, whiskey and cigarettes. Is a day of more. More Weed, species of everything, hence watch how you do.

Growing up in this generation is even harder and not a day passes by without me saying ThankGod I did grew-up in the times of just weed and whiskey so I understand if this your time of adventure.

Education is key, and education is not limited to school only. Read online to know and before doing anything be aware of the negative effects on your wellbeing as this will help you stop it or keep off any glorified substance.

Be Mentally good, how can you be? Stop something you are used to and see what you become then ask yourself what’s good for your wellbeing? And make a decision.