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Babymama Saga As Franklin Ubi Fourth Babymama Sandra Iheuwa Delivers & Name Child After Her Family Name (Photo)

Actress Lillian Esoro former husband who is said to have impregnated one Miss Sandra Iheuwa has deliver over the weekend. Miss Sandra Iheuwa is said to be a CEO with some money to throw around and in the course of being “close” to Mr Ubi lend some millions to him that he never paid back and that has been part of her epistles while battling with rejection from the young […]

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Former President Of Peru Alan García Commits Suicide To Avoid Corruption Charge

 Is Money Palava! here as former Peru President Alan García is reportedly a suicidal after shooting himself when police came over his residence to arrest him over bribery and corruption allegations, hence he found an escape route at last after being denied a Political Asylum to Uruguay. Mr García was further rushed to hospital in the capital, Lima were his death was confirmed and publicly announced by Peru current President Martín Vizcarra […]

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Former Super Eagles Player Esin Etim Drugs Damage Self Display In A Lagos Bar !

Etim Esin who openly said in previous interviews that drugs killed his “promising football career” made a bad move last night that can only be associated of him being under the influence of drugs in a local bar on the island where he was drinking and smoking with a friend surrounded by girls far beneath his age him last night April 2nd 2019.His drugs problems played out when a lady […]

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Those That Are Interested In Other People’s Lives

 People who are interested in other people’s lives are More interested in other people’s lives than their own lives because there is a desired goal. They are more concerned about the other person affairs more than the reality of their own lives which makes me wonder ‘why sweat on another man’s business’ like is yours? but tthey’re unchanging because that’s who they are. (Busybody) Hard times are here for us all […]

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Job 17:8 Ungodly: Terrible Unconcious Self

What’s More “Terrible” Than Terrible ?  Do you ever wonder why we ain’t compactable with our significant other? Here! Why some may call you rebel even if is otherwise.I caught sight of this in a plain (simple) English that sends meaning to my soul and I can’t just agree less and decide to share since sharing is giving now am giving Lol..is comedy, is Reality, is News. As well change […]

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SMH!: Nigerian Abroad Shame Nigeria On Twitter Says “Nigeria Bananas Are As Nigeria Condition”

Criticism Is reality, is News  What is coming out from a Nigerian just because he is fortunate to live abroad SMH 🤦‍♀️ So shameful not because he is a Nigerian but because he is human too and now you using a people predicament to make jokes out of them, your own people OMG!.Why foreigners laugh at our stupidity everytime we are too selfish that all we care about is ourselves which […]

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Clown Writer Like ‘The Nation Online’ On Comedian Alibaba Is Bad For Your Career

The Nation online writer, one Mr.Olukorede Yishau that publish the story of me,  Timelessaproko and the 2017 spontaneity show put together by the father of Nigeria comedy, Alibaba born Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, which seems to be my lil introduction to the entertainment business got me thinking what really is the so called writer talking about and is confusing like he said  “continue to break a leg”.  From here am asking ‘hello sir are you okay?’  #isnewsisrealityiscomedy  Such a writer after reading his tailored post you […]

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