Life Check: Frank Edoho Past Decision Now Having A Toll On His Present As He Ages !

MTN’s “Who wants to a millionaire” anchor Frank Edoho seems to be trending over comparison of his presenting skills with his younger colleagues, Big Brother Naija anchor Ebuka Uchendu, Actor and Naija Sing anchor Joseph Benjamin and Uti Nwachukwu and of course Nigerians are loud-ing it!.

As Frank Edoho is the best host Nigerians have ever enjoy and indeed he warmed every heart with his handsome look like every young man then before his little wife beating scandal started crawling in which resulted to his crashed marriage to OAP Katherine Obiang, a woman who started with him when he was nothing till he got his radio job, according to his then colleagues who recounts how Katherine Obiang was always so caring and being a superwoman for him when the checks had less zeros, but sorry men forget their hungry days when they’re alright!.

Sometimes few months back I stumble on our beloved Frank Edoho at the Lagos Palms shopping mall in Victoria Island with his new wife Sandra and I can imagine why men always be men and women remains women.

Once in a lifetime we all have come to meet that one person we’ll always have in our heart and I had mine and the case of Katherine Obiang seem close but the only difference between our story is that there are no kids and no marriage but we lived a lifetime as short as it was and this experience gave me insight on what could’ve happened.

Men changes! Men change! that is very factual and the Joystick between their legs controls them mostly and the truth is no matter what you do for a man in time past, if you like save his life, that doesn’t guarantee you of his affection and loyalty till the end because when he wants out, he wants out! and did I tell you?

Lol you need to see the Sandra lady, that’ll give you some sense of understanding and I’m not talking about photos but the live show lol… she’s what some people will call ‘overly hot’ sexy tomatoes and if a man like Frank Edoho want to play he gat to stay because of course Frank Edoho was a great catch too with Billions and admiration all over him from left, right and center when the “who wants to be a billionaire” TV Show was on but now…

Here’s what I learnt, every beauty being it in a man or woman fades and fade indeed and one good thing about the human nature is that you cannot control how you age irrespective of skin therapies even surgeries has the most aftermaths.

So seeing Frank Edoho in that Mall that day awake some sense of reasoning in me and the reality of life in general, though I wouldn’t like to spell everything out because I just don’t want to be talking about people these days and yes that’s why my blogging is sleeping now but here’s what I can say, is worthless to work yourself up so much to please your partner when your partner is just themselves, love shouldn’t be that tense though that’s how the world understands what love is but we know true love is simple, free, and firm.

If you are doing everything consciously to appeased someone, I have just one question for you. Is that load of a job not just too much for you? Why so much stress? That will only make you age faster!.

Anyway, that’s what you get when you leave your comfort zone for something that ordinarily isn’t yours. I think if Frank Edoho was with his former wife Katherine Obiang, life will be less stressful for him common he shouldn’t be buying diapers at this time then what will I be buying? Like seriously he would’ve been more relaxed emotionally, physically then channel all of his strength in mentoring his children into becoming a replica of him while enjoying his aging comfortably than trying to still look yuppie for a younger woman who is extremely hot in Lekki where there’s too much money and cool dudes.

The question is, how long will this younger woman stay with our already aging Frank? Is worrisome to think of what and what sometimes.

Those women and men that were taken for granted irrespective of their sacrifices and was disappointed, hated because of one imperfection and couldn’t get a pass and a little patience to understand, maybe for looks, financial competence, family background, people around, youthful exuberance, emotional scars, your time to smile is always, live your life to your maximum ability and refuse to cry about yesterday because you did just fine. You’re not perfect but you’re a gem.! You were a pearl that wasn’t kept safe but even the devil know how awesome God is.

So live your life for your tomorrow not jus for the moment everybody and never let people who truly love you down. True love is incomparable and is not found everywhere and is not everything you admire that is good for you at the end of the day the light will shine and what we truly are will be revealed broadly.

Melvin Oduah Found Troubled In A Lagos Bar

Melvin Ekenechukwu Oduah simply known as “Melvin” is the only Nigerian guy celebrity who never gave up on trials, that we must commend him for his continuous effort On stardom since he first made his debut on the Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) and didn’t win the grand prize he strats on the Big Brother Reality Show in 2013 still didn’t win that,  he went on to the Mr. Nigeria competition with high hopes that were only dash into the wind and now “Melvin” is a progressive  entertainer with the movies as well a model and an event host with no wins from any competition he had ever graced, which can be troubling emotionally sometime, minding the fact that he is human as well. 

 So last night March 27, 2019 the handsome Delta state born  was seen on the island with two of his friends in a lounge enjoying the cold evening breeze when “Melvin” seems  troubled about
something he was talking about to his two friends who were consoling him. He seem real trouble that it was all over him and drew Aproko’s attention. 
Judging by the look on his face, his troubled heart could be weighed down with career goals or emotional issue but all I gat to say is put it together bro!! You are a fine dude and you are a star!!

And you know, the good eyes dude confirm his new announcement of “No Alcohol” on their table as they were only served a pack of strawberry juice alongside the favorite Red Bull energy drink and am wondering who mix that ?? Lol, Melvin and his friends did!.

Winners Chapel Music Director Takes His Own Life After Girlfriend Dumped Him (Photo Of His Corpse)

 Winners Chapel drummer name Charles Chuks Orji has reportedly taken his own life by drinking sniper because his girlfriend called their relationship quit.

 Friends of the deceased share the news on social media remembering him as a gentle and handsome soul who was active in the service of the church as a music director.
His ex girlfriend who is said to be one Miss Rejoice Nwaku called off their love affair due to reasons best known to her and the young man couldn’t keep it together and move on with life, hence decided to take the Exit route to the land of see me no more.
Really sad! May his gentle soul rest as God knows best.

It Breaks Here: James Ibori Daughter’s Husband Abioye Suenu Fight Friend In His VGC Nightclub

April 2017 was the month Erhiatake Ibori was formally given in marriage to Slicks Bar nightclub owner Abioye Suenu which the news flooded the internet for some understandable reasons, one of those reason was the fact that James Onanefe Ibori gained his freedom from UK prison and returned
home after such a longtime while he was locked away from friends and family.

While not everyone is on the know that Erhitake Ibori and Abioye already had a child together before the marriage early this year and now report has it that, she’s heavily pregnant, soon to be a mum a second time with her Muslim hubby Abioye whose first wife seems to be unhappy with her husband betrayal and has keep telling anyone who cares to listen that the former Delta State Governor’s daughter cum politician “stole” her husband.

Few weeks ago, as reported to by eye witness, Abioye was seen in his Slick nightclub in the heart of Victoria Garden City (VGC) Lagos. Ranting angrily accusing one of his friends who came to have a ‘goodtime‘ at the Slicks of telling their other friends who has not been in the country for sometime now that he now have a second wife as if his marriage to the Delta beauty was anyway made private.
According to my source, Abioye’s anger was uncontrollable as all attempt to calm him prove abortive which prompted the friend to leave the club angrily.

It Breaks Here: Davido B’day Souvenir Allegedly Says A Different Age

Still on Davido‘s birthday party that became a blessing to BBQ club owners and poor beggars on Tuesday, November 21, 2017.
There was something about David’s real age as some of those who were in BBQ nightclub, while speaking to who claimed Davido souvenirs was printed age 30 and not 25 as publicly claim.

We know entertainers are of the custom of slicing their age down but Davido, M’Ocheddah,
Wizkid are one of those the general public think their age are not omitted because when they came
into limelight, dudes were really looking small and their age was taken as said, until now that doubts seems to be hyping on people’s mind each passing day due to what they do and some other factors.

Still trying to understand if it was oversight on the part of the printing company who printed the souvenirs, if its true that the number 30 was on David’s souvenirs, of which the possibility of such “oversight” is very slim.

It Breaks Here: Davido And Seyi Tinubu Spoiling Lagos Poor Beggars With Dollars

 Yesterday, November 21, 2017 was singer Davido‘s birthday and it was “LOUD” one for the “IF” crooner and his team as they hit Club BBQ on Lagos Island to celebrate with friends and well wishers.
What got everyone talking was the amount of bills Davido splash on poor beggars who normally surround clubs as seen by many, Davido splash the poor beggars who are mostly women with $100
notes in course of the celebration.
Though there are rumour of Davido not being a good giver to bartenders and waiters, when he visits hotels for recreation no matter how the workers attend to him unlike Wizkid who is said to close bars and give cash to every area boy whenever he storm a place.

Seyi Tinubu is one dude whom Lagos Island association of beggars, if any, are always praying for because of how ‘nice’ he is towards them whenever he’s seen and ya! rumour has it that the son of APC National Chairman, Seyi did do it again and each beggar was handsomely “spoiled” with a dollar note.