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Ifeanyi Udenze Argues On Footballers Being Guarded For Security Reasons

Nigerian football icon Ifeanyi Udenze did grace the Lagos Brila FM this morning and the topic discussed was if is necessary for football stars to always go out with their security guards to avoid fans mobbing and any situation that might be life threatened since there have been stories of Stars shot at and even killed in some occasions since they can afford it. Speaking on the matter, Udenze said […]

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Ruggedman Return With New Moves !

Ruggedman is back !! And he is so hot right now. The father of Nigerian rap music was live on air today April 10, 2019 with Cool FM Lagos were he discuss his most controversial media coverage with fellow artist 9ice, his new album that is ready to hit the market soon as well as his packaged concert schedule for September 21st 2019 a day after his birthday that will be uniting […]

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What Radio Is Becoming In Lagos

One beautiful thing about my city, yea am talking Lagos city is its entertainment, some will say that’s why its called Lagos as if I don’t know. I know!.We have varieties to choose along side their flavour with some rising at a season and falling, new ones springing out and dead ones rejuvenating, is great. Factually relating oooush I can stay indoor all month with the charm of good music, talk show, […]

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