The Old Man With The Walking Stick

(Expressional Character) Cameroon Old Man

The Old Man with the walking stick is a man named Kaiser.

Kaiser is a grandfather who died in the early 2000s, he was a very moral man. Tall, dark skinned, a sight of him is with a stick of SM Cigarette in one hand and his walking stick in another as he limped with one bad leg hastily.

He was fun to be with, a storyteller and a traditionalist who didn’t have any formal education in his days just like every rural person he knew the rural world and he lived each day as it comes.

He could hear the birds and understand what they’re saying and he could read the signs in the sky every morning, in the evening little children would go to him to hear tales about the birds, the tortoise and the lion repeatedly because there’s no ending to the amount of laughter and moral lessons at the end.

He had a shrine at the outskirts of the town where he would hastily go each morning and evening to put up a light with the help a candlestick or kerosene lamp for his lifeless idols that he regarded as god. Many times he would argue why his idol is good and why he would not fellowship with other idol worshippers.

One day Kaiser fell so ill that he couldn’t move and he was so down that he begged his idol to save him, with all the knowledge of herbs he had yet he couldn’t help himself as each herbs he used brought no healing to his body so he thought and said “for so long I have been praying and worshiping you my idols but now I am down, can’t help me?” No word came out from his idols then Kaiser realize the idols are mere sticks and handmade structures that have no life in themselves talk more of giving so he shouted and wailed on how stupid he had been just as worthless are his gods so he made himself and a few days later he died.


Not all who knows so much are actually wise

Don’t let lifeless idols or meaningless things sap away your strength

Refuse to associate with worthlessness for your future will be exactly the fate of what you associate it

Fools die foolishly

Big Brother Naija Star, Tboss Sighted In Abuja Heavily Pregnant After Vehemently Denial And Raining Insult On Fans !

So “Hanty” that’s what the Aproko called the Reality TV star Tboss who was sighted in a medical center somewhere in Abuja with heavy belly and unknowingly to her Lagos ain’t the only place ‘Aproko’ stays and this what we gat! See below lol.

Rumors have it that the baby Dada is Ubi Franklin and of the rumor are true that will make it two women expecting babies for the Music Entrepreneur who already is a Daddy to a daughter from a babymama and a son from his ex wife Lillian Esoro, though both Tokunbo a.k.a Tboss and Franklin only agreed to be “just friends” which seems to be too far from the truth to fans but indeed time shall time.

Oh yes! Is comedy, is Reality, Is News. Share your thoughts down, down below.

Those That Are Interested In Other People’s Lives

 People who are interested in other people’s lives are More interested in other people’s lives than their own lives because there is a desired goal.

They are more concerned about the other person affairs more than the reality of their own lives which makes me wonder ‘why sweat on another man’s business’ like is yours? but tthey’re unchanging because that’s who they are. (Busybody)
Hard times are here for us all so these  days people are utilizing every tool to achieve whatever and one thing those who seek friendship do is want friends for the gains there by maximizing
their opportunities in enlarging their friends network who can be of helpful now or in the nearest future.
Here are some traits of those who are interested in people’s lives?:

These people love and want to hold stronger conversation with you in just a short time of meeting you, intrigued! You may begin to feel comfortable enough to let them into the real deal of your private life. Watch out!.

They seems more interested in your life in a minute of meeting them, they want to know who is in your life without them talking deep of themselves. Note that some of these kind of persons varies and operate on different frequency but same methods in accomplishing their hunger.

They would even give you awesome advice since words are affordable by everyone and free so they can use them, they’ll give free advices without you even asking, they are that amazing! but selfish in disguise.

People who are interested in other people’s lives have an ulterior motives most times, since we all know the slogan “if you want a friend be a friend” so they are “being a friend” they want a close relationship with you using your story as the bond that glued it.

 Most people have use this method in warming themselves into other people’s lives pretending to be friends when is just a facade because when real trouble comes, trust me they can’t stand a second helping you fix then you’ll realize the distance that has always been. Weird, but this is reality! This is life.


As much as people seems interested in your life, they are so inquisitive to know about what’s on your plate but the fact is none truly cares ! they curious.

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SMH!: Nigerian Abroad Shame Nigeria On Twitter Says “Nigeria Bananas Are As Nigeria Condition”


Is reality, is News 

What is coming out from a Nigerian just because he is fortunate to live abroad SMH 🤦‍♀️ 
So shameful not because he is a Nigerian but because he is human too and now you using a
people predicament to make jokes out of them, your own people OMG!.

Why foreigners laugh at our stupidity everytime we are too selfish that all we care about is ourselves which is keeping us in the exact position we are.

Nigeria 🇳🇬 needs cloth to cover her shame but they all stripped her nake and oppress her, now ignorance is the new normal but I tell you nay, wrath awaits says the Most High. 

🇳🇬 Nigeria =
  Went to school but can’t get employment if you know nobody 
You can’t be anything you work for if you gat no cabal for the gains 
Your family will excommunicate you for not productive oh mine SMH 🤦‍♀️ 
Yea that’s right is comedy, is Reality, is news!.Drop a comment though I know you’re a Nigerian who will sneak here when am probably…SMH 🤦‍♀️ 
         We don’t know God.We are only hearers and grade A pretenders!.

Reality Tales: Why Settling With A Younger Man

While most ladies find settling with a younger man very offensive especially Africans, some may find it fulfilling if he takes care of her financially, emotionally and otherwise nicely you know what i mean (wink) so why not.

I will not and cannot settle with any man whether older or
younger who cannot and will not play the above roles like I need a Man I can’t be the man’s Man(hell no). I was born a woman and i’ll die a woman, i don’t know about you.

So if he’s younger with a good legal job with somewhere heading and we in  love, please am in for life and this is ….HAHHa

Drop your comment and share your thoughts, the only part I’ll 
find uncomfortable if am looking way older and we are out, OMG!! terrible experience.

The eyes on you only will get you thinking what crime you’ve committed but I got that now which is personal appearance management will scale that through for us and is simple age is a thing of the mind that is same reason Angela Bassett, Jlopez, Mariah Carey, Dolly Parton etc who are our mothers age are still dragging boyfriends with us and still engaging and marrying as if they are in their thirties HUSHH.

So guys, look is everything these days especially, age is a … the guys deeds is what counts!.

Don’t forget is comedy, is reality, is news.

Drop your thoughts ladies and gents as more unfolds on Reality Tales and more with yours truly, TDE.