Danfo Drivers: Mad Melon Killed The INYELE SONG

Madmelon can’t be forgotten, his voice echos and his spirit is living, after listening to their returned song then seeing the INYELE visuals, no doubt he was a talent as those Continue reading Danfo Drivers: Mad Melon Killed The INYELE SONG

Danfo Drivers: Mad Melon Cause Of Death Unveils!

Danfo-Drivers duo who just passed on and was laid to rest yesterday is the reason the AirPlay is Danfo-Drivers vocals.

Madmelon is a Delta State born from the Isoko speaking part and his names are Orevaoghene Oghenemaro Omeofa professionally known as Mad-melon.

His death was reported by veteran Ajegunle music icon Daddy Showkey who is as well an Isoko by tribe, so he broke the news on social media without mentioning the ‘Iyami o” crooner cause of death but ended his speech with these worrisome words in the Nigerian Pidgin.

“…if them dey tell people make them dey hear o” which can be connoted in different ways and of course it has raised eyebrows that madmelon‘s death wasn’t that appropriate, suggesting some kind of negligence.

After much findings by timelessaproko it turns out that there’s much that the media didn’t uncover so here is my findings.

Comments On Daddy Showkey’s post shed some light that Madmelon was having a time that eventually led to his death. While Daddy Showkey’s last words seems to do more good so let just say please be kind to yourself and don’t follow the crowd. Use your head cause if e happen it is you. (Sad)

While Daddy Showkey among other celebrities are on fire by fans who blamed celebrities who will only speak your name after death which should be no secret for everyone alive.

May his gentle soul Rest In Peace!.

Living An Orphan, As An Orphan.

An orphan (from the Greek: ορφανός, orphanós) is someone whose parents are dead or unknown or have abandoned them.

Though most times orphans are regarded as those whose parents are dead but in reality that’s not the case for every orphan out there. Some people are forced to live on their own due to different circumstances even though their parents are still breathing, hence such ones are as well orphans.

Obviously this post is about being an orphan and I want to share tips on what orphans have in common and one thing they both have that never fails them is GOD, yea, LOL they do and that’s all they really have.

Tips on living as an orphan

  • Realize your situation and accept it. Remind yourself you are all you’ve got and look out for your good in every situation.
  • Don’t be shy about your life or predicament – tell your friends, lover who you truly are. When I was growing up I never told anyone I meet about my life and it had a bad toll back on me. So tell your story, your pain to your close friends especially when they’ve tell you theirs, don’t hide anymore.
    Realize your situation and live in full awareness of what it is. This will not only make you have directions in your life but as well will shape you and you wouldn’t make many mistakes that you’ve to regret much later in future.
    Learn to save and spend less because you need money to see life through so SAVE and buy less.
  • Associate only with determine minds who want to be something in future not walk about friends hence they’ll lead you into who you are not and will make you do the wrong things and even make you go to the worst schools. Choice on who to associate with is everything so choose wisely.
  • Do not be overly-Joy, you’ll awaken your sense of reasoning in tears and pain hence sadness will do you more good than laughter. Be alive each moment so you don’t postpone whatever you dealing with because is not avoidable so feel free behind close doors to cry. Tears will bring joy to you and try not to wallow in tears for too long. Try to make yourself happy sometimes.

Drop your comments if the post is helpful or useful.

Reality Check On Iyanya, Lilian Esoro, Ubi Franklin, Tekno And Emma Nyra


 Mistakes are inevitable so are bad folks, friends and in my small world I personally grew up surrounding myself with the wrong people which have successfully made me very private now and very choosy on where I go, things I do and those I wanna relate with and all this are coming from me because I was somewhere on the Lagos Island and Ubi Franklin, Iyanya, Emma Nyra, Lilian Esoro and Tekno gossip popped up and most people were seeing vividly how truthful Iyanya is about the whole thing and I can say you don’t have to know someone personally to see through 50% most times, all you need is their step and you know it all.

Young people with dreams who are mentored by deceitful people like them will only be deceitful and is not because of the mentor, is simply because that’s who they are and that is why they are able to unite, cohabit because they’re same people while Iyanya and Ubi  Franklin couldn’t cohabit is because they’re both world apart. 

One was willing to build with a friend and grow something while the other was greedy and all about himself and so is their kind, as they flock together and while his once wife Lillian Esoro
couldn’t stay in with him is a proof same deceit Iyanya is talking about.

Talking  Lillian and Franklin, that case personally has thought me never to take side or conclude on any matter because you may not know it all and as times goes by, things can only become clearer since we are truly a reflection of who we are no matter what, as light and darkness cannot be one ever! Neither can black be white in anyway and going by Iyanya recent interview with Daddy Freeze where he said one day “Duro” hit maker Tekno will speak out as well stating why he (Iyanya) is opening up and saying the truth about Ubi Franklin because he wants his once beloved friend Ubi Franklin “to change because he is not realizing how he’s hurting others and messing people’s lives”.

And we’ll still be here the day Tekno decides to dump his Aboki self and act like an Igbo Man that he is.

 We will be here!. but is very fine too of Tekno being mute and just live on in peace and let God judge because I strongly believe so much in the Creator of everything annothing we do here will go unattended to by him.

The bad people in the entertainment business and industry in Nigeria are one gang as they benefits themselves and do whatever for their selfishness but hello!! the Good People will always be here! Because we own this world together, God never gave only some to rule while others wash their ass, nay.
And the truth according to some Aprokos, they said Emma Nyra would have been Mrs Franklin if he was a truthful and loyal person cus she was with him before the money came him and according to Iyanya the lady actually named the successful Label ‘Made Men music’ and they “made” which produces Simi, Tekon, PraiZ etc and am wondering why are Nigerian guys the same? they so quickly forget a woman’s kindness and love and you want to have a good life? I LAUGH YOU!! WELL , WELL. Obviously you are unaware of how it works here in the universe.

Amazing dude Franklin is not what he appears to be just like every other one of his kind though Nigerians loved him at first without knowing who is in the shadow for no reason and Ubi is the first most famous young Music entrepreneur who became successful after signing Tekno.

 I wanna ask his ex wife Lillian whom was so much under my criticism for not forgiving her hubby, OMG! i want to apologies really to her & anyone whom i have criticize for backing out of marriage after kid (s) from their individual marriages in my younger days. People like Kate Henshaw and Lillian which resulted to them blocking me on Instagram but i acted with love in my heart as i’m a child from a broken home and it was really hard and ugly for me growing up that even warranted me not growing with any of my parent even though they are still alive as they separated anboth of them remarried people who dot like me since age 5.

 I practically grew up on the street with my Mum only assisting me financially since she couldn‘t leave her husband for me whethe man objected to housing me since am another man‘s child though we know better because evil is real and my father’s house was hell for my 8 year self kudos to every good stepmother out there and the only option for me was homes of strangers who offer to help but for how long? and because of that i don’t really want to see parents departing, it gets to me personally and I begin to see pictures that hurt my soul.

So back to Franklin and Iyanya, Personally before now i liked this Ubi guy until I reported to him a scam that took place in South Africa which he responded to me on Instagram and gave directives as well dropping an email to I further told him I do music too and because I was not in the good book of “the cabal” for ever speaking my mind on a flagged reality talent show that is not it but an investment platform, he blocked me off. OMG !!

We will still be here!! at the very end…not  in haste at all. Iyanya and my struggling likes, lets hold on!.

Emma Nyra & Ubi Franklin 



 OZORO killings seems to be unchanged over the years as the town is known for all sort of violence and silent killings which has not change till today. 

Some blame it on the name which means “fear dey or there is fear” which is the name of the wife of the founder, Opute while some argue to rename the town after the founder Opute instead since the OZORO name seems to be trouble for her children.

 The above young man is by the name Lucky Ojoga a.k.a Ajago a labour worker and an indigene who is reportedly shot dead in OZORO town where he was said to have attended a
wake keeping ceremony and on his way back a bullet from nowhere by unknown shooter hit him down.

Lucky Ojoga a.k.a Ajago

So sad!! 
                   May his gentle soul rest in peace.

Toni Braxton Lost 24 Year Old Niece Lauren Braxton

Michael Conrad Braxton with Lauren Braxton 

Is a sad one as music icon Toni Braxton twenty four year old niece Lauren Braxton reported found unresponsive and died due to bad condition of the heart, the deceased is the daughter of Michael Conrad Braxton Jr. who’s the only Braxton’s son as well the younger brother of ‘spanish guitar’ crooner Toni Braxton.

News have it that by the time paramedics arrived about noon yesterday at the Braxtons’ Maryland household, where they found Lauren unresponsive, she had passed on and was pronounced dead on the spot.

The Braxton siblings is made up of Michael, Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar.

Michael Conrad Braxton Jr. is a singer-songwriter and has appeared on episodes of the family reality “Braxton Family Values” TV show alongside Lauren Braxton.

Lauren just like everyone often shared family images via her Instagram account and more recently paid a sweet tribute to her dad Michael Conrad Braxton on his birthday with the above photo of them together ad a photo of her when she was kid.

In view of her 7,000 followers, she captioned the post:

 “Let me take this time to say Happppy Birthday to the best man in the world, my fova I love you so much.”

Former President Of Peru Alan García Commits Suicide To Avoid Corruption Charge

 Is Money Palava! here as former Peru President Alan García is reportedly a suicidal after shooting himself when police came over his residence to arrest him over bribery and corruption allegations, hence he found an escape route at last after being denied a Political Asylum to Uruguay.

Mr García was further rushed to hospital in the capital, Lima were his death was confirmed and publicly announced by Peru current President Martín Vizcarra who might as well be a victim of same tomorrow going by the records, all former Peru Presidents seems corrupt or accused of corruption.

A crowd of supporters gathered outside the hospital building, and were held back by a line of police officers.

Mr García was accused of taking bribes from a Brazilian construction company Odebrecht which claims he denied saying he is victimised.

Apart from Alan García there are other former Peru’s presidents who is trailed cy corruption scandal.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, in office 2016-2018, resigned over a vote-buying scandal and detained last week
Ollanta Humala, in office 2011-2016, accused of taking bribes from Odebrecht to bankroll his election campaign, in pre-trial detention in Peru

Alan García, in office 2006-2011, suspected of taking kickbacks from Odebrecht, sought asylum in Uruguay’s Lima embassy but had his request denied

Alejandro Toledo, in office 2001-2006, accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes from Odebrecht, currently a fugitive in the US.

And now i’m wondering when will Nigerian Leaders in  every sector get it this hot, never mind i’m just thinking out loud kindly drop your comment down  below.