(Video) Lourd Billie Reveal More About Her Late Mum And Late Grandma Who Both Passed Away In 2days

From Left:Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and  Billie Lourd

Come to talk of Carrie Fisher as a mother, Debbie Reynolds as a grandma and Lourd Billie as their daughter, ‘LOVE’ lived with them and this 3 women were really close as a family and it can now be understood why the mother couldn’t stand the death of her beloved daughter Carrie and wanted to
join her wherever death took her that she had to die a day after.

And Sometimes in life we desire things that our folks wouldn’t want for us, reasons best known to them and most times is for our own good unknowingly to us.

The life of a celebrity is not all that pretty you know but who will know its pain that comes along the fame than them celebrities.

Some even wish they could turn back the hands of time and just live as normal people for once in their life but is tooooo late.

That might just be the case for Billie Lourd the daughter of Carrie Fisher and grand-daughter of Debbie Reynolds that both passed away days ago.

The “Scream Queens” star appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” earlier this month before loosing her mothers, where she shared a very sweet story about Reynolds.

Lourd said: “She gets upset when I get called Carrie Fisher’s daughter,” she told Meyers during an interview that aired Dec. 13.
“She wants people to call me Debbie Reynolds’ granddaughter, it’s very offensive to her,” she joked.

Billie shared a story of when Reynolds showed her diary entries she had written as a working actress.

“So when I first started acting everyone in my family didn’t want me to act, it was like I’m really rebelling doing this and she called me to her house and she has this binder of these diaries she had written when she first started doing ‘Singin’ In The Rain,” Lourd explained.

“She sat me down on her couch and said, ‘I need you to read these dear,’ in her ’50s actress voice and I started reading them to myself and she said ‘No dear, please read them out loud.’ And I started reading them and they’re all in second person — and they are somewhere along the lines of, ‘You’re sitting in the makeup chair, it’s five in the morning. They’ve pulled out all of your eyebrows and you have no eyelashes left. Your hair is a shell of itself and all you wanted to be was a gym teacher,'” she hilariously recalled.

Clearly, it sounds like Reynolds just wanted to make sure her granddaughter was equipped for the highs and lows of Hollywood.

“So I read this out loud and I kind of looked at her, like ‘Oh okay.’ And she looked at me so earnestly with her hands crossed in her lap and was like ‘Are you sure you still want to be an actress, dear?'”

But Lourd said she told her grandmother that she still wanted to be an actress and they just let her continue with the choice she is made.

Later in the segment, Billie revealed that her grandma Reynolds was a huge fan of fur and believed that Old Hollywood glamour was missing from the industry without fur.