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Fans Are Celebrating With The Airwaves Prince “Nedu Wazobia” As He Becomes A Year Older Today! (Photos)

Wazobia Lagos FM’s comic personality Chinedu Emmanuel Ani popularly known as simply “Nedu” or “Nedu Wazobia” is a year older today and as someone whom success has embraced his fans and love ones are celebrating him today August 5th 2019.Nedu whom have takeover the Lagos City airwaves with his niche presentation On the country’s number one Pidgin English radio station share a video of him on IG this morning receiving […]

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Now You Can Laugh: On The Drugs !

SCARED OF DRUGS? Growing up, the sight of drugs turns my stomach talkmore of them in my mouth then down my throat HuhSh!!. I’ll throw everything in my tummy out except my intestine. LOL but here we are with nobody cautioning anyone about why you must eat medicine same way you eat food when you need to and do you know what that is called? is call grown up!. Now I know i’m no more […]

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Denrele Dramatise “Vandalization” With Former First Lady Mrs Dame Patience Jonathan Goodluck

Nigerian can’t believe our darling Denrele pull this heavy weight so easily, Daddy Denrele!! (top gamer top play, lol). Yeeeh my mouth is open sir, if only you reading knows what an influencer this dude is and are, Lol. My day one casey who taught industry in industreet but wouldn’t put me inside Big Brother (crying) But is okay since I can’t write in there I can’t stay as fish […]

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Timeless Comic: A Can’t Hide Evidences Of Dirty Persons

Here are evidence of dirty people who live around or visit and you can add and confirm some the tags on the the comment box below. First, they act to be very hygienic and neat but we know better🤣😆😄👍 They are the first to see what’s not working and complain whereas they are not half and when they come to visit your home OMG 😮 they can’t keep a simple foot match […]

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Only In Nigeria: A Wretched Man Writes "How To Become Rich And Successful" Book, LOL

There’s an e-commerce platform that is helping my entrepreneurial side of life and during one of those meetings were vendors are invited, from where I was sitting, there was this guy with very old big suit who is a vendor as well but wouldn’t let anyone have the random question and answer in peace. He is always having something to say just to be noticed, from where I was my […]

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LOL, Why Family Will Contribute Money For A Burial Rite And Never To Anyone Well-Being

Have you ever wonder why families both in far and near distances can quickly put money together for a family member burial rite when it gets to that point but will never come together as a “family” and raise money for the betterment of any family?. Well, that answer is so simple, burial rites is a tradition that must be observe but anybody’s well being is abandoned to oneself alone […]

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