Timeless Diary: The Powerful Woman!

Mercy Johnson

The Powerful Woman

She’s silent and focus

She’s her and never minds

Live the flows & low cuts

She is a fighter

A goal getter

A tough one

A superwoman, a pearl

Her tears are not seen

So her pains are unknown

She keeps pushing

Crawling, wishing

Her sun shines from inside

Her brightness ain’t comparable

She’s a gem, lioness and a tigress

Her thoughts are deep

And her words has grown faint

But she’s heard, seen and understood

A powerful woman is hard to find

Different and very difficult to get

She scares men

Women gets jealous

Since they can’t admire

She believes in herself

Overtime she knows the world

And keep her word and her world

Because she understands

Without knowing she’s

A Powerful Woman

Living An Orphan, As An Orphan.

An orphan (from the Greek: ορφανός, orphanós) is someone whose parents are dead or unknown or have abandoned them.

Though most times orphans are regarded as those whose parents are dead but in reality that’s not the case for every orphan out there. Some people are forced to live on their own due to different circumstances even though their parents are still breathing, hence such ones are as well orphans.

Obviously this post is about being an orphan and I want to share tips on what orphans have in common and one thing they both have that never fails them is GOD, yea, LOL they do and that’s all they really have.

Tips on living as an orphan

  • Realize your situation and accept it. Remind yourself you are all you’ve got and look out for your good in every situation.
  • Don’t be shy about your life or predicament – tell your friends, lover who you truly are. When I was growing up I never told anyone I meet about my life and it had a bad toll back on me. So tell your story, your pain to your close friends especially when they’ve tell you theirs, don’t hide anymore.
    Realize your situation and live in full awareness of what it is. This will not only make you have directions in your life but as well will shape you and you wouldn’t make many mistakes that you’ve to regret much later in future.
    Learn to save and spend less because you need money to see life through so SAVE and buy less.
  • Associate only with determine minds who want to be something in future not walk about friends hence they’ll lead you into who you are not and will make you do the wrong things and even make you go to the worst schools. Choice on who to associate with is everything so choose wisely.
  • Do not be overly-Joy, you’ll awaken your sense of reasoning in tears and pain hence sadness will do you more good than laughter. Be alive each moment so you don’t postpone whatever you dealing with because is not avoidable so feel free behind close doors to cry. Tears will bring joy to you and try not to wallow in tears for too long. Try to make yourself happy sometimes.

Drop your comments if the post is helpful or useful.

Timeless Diary: Teenage Regrets !

Davis Viola

Teenage Regrets!

I had so much to say but never said a word

Should have let you in but I was so speechless

I was naive so I never thought the right way

Not even one day did I acted the right way

But you were my everything

And I did hoped for eternity

But somehow I wasn’t right

Because I couldn’t find the strength or the voice,

The words stopped there right in my heart

And now I wish I opened up

I wish I tried, maybe an orphan would have found a brother

And a more in your arms…




There are things you don’t need to say!
Pity ain’t real in these days and age excerpt 
you want yourself to be mistreated, abused like trash
There are people you don’t need to see & relate with any longer 

There are.. for your healthy mind and peace

There are places you don’t need to go and be for any reason
There are things you MUST change to in your present state 

 is she!

There are… yes there are times is harder and tougher for you because you choose to live godly and be a good person among unlike you in this world

It will amaze you when you’re hated because you have good morals and good !
Which is natural since you don‘t belong with them
For the world will be fond of what is its …
And the times you went astray were because you were driven insane into the insanity world but you’re now cured & healed
Just know there are..
And there will always be !
Till the Kingdom Comes.

Dear Murphy

Dear Murphy

Life is life
Its not the length that count but
The Life you live
That is the whole essence

You lived and do you stop living?
LOL you are my friend and bros
Good life to every brother in the hood
You are legends
Who the world never met
But we were priviledge to meet
And is our duty to tell the world
You lived…
Life is hard for everyone
We individually chose our solution way
I choose mine
Hope you will be smart and fast enough to make the decision
For you must choose
And all the options are not favourable
Nothing is
Neither the options life present us
Just live and do what you like
It determines nothing too sure
Is the man above that say
Love is he and accurate too
He knows it all and the muscles can’t even decide nothing

Dear Murphy,
Words fail me
but somehow I find some in my heart to know
Nothing is easy
And not even life
Is even harder witnessing
Hope someday that reunion day

My 2018 Dreams And Hustle !

My 2018 Dreams And Hustle !

Writing is one craft that people don’t appreciate, only if they know what work it is, next time you pick or see a book, know someone spent their Time, sleepless nights & Energy to put that out, appreciate it.

Sharing Knowledge is a choice, remember some people keep shut so NOBODY knows what they know.
Books don’t write themselves, it is somebody that write any piece of writeup you stare at. Writing is
the most difficult part not publishing a book.

Hope when my books finally hit the store, please pity my effort and see them, thank you in advance.
In these journey of mine, I now appreciate sleep more than water, God know if we humans don’t sleep, we will DIE. 

Is not even the food that keeps us going but sleep and resting of our heads plays 60% of our living.
If you notice my blog has been suffering a little because of my eagerness to get my three books out of my bunch of books in my archive to be publish these year by Jah’s grace and is crazy but if I don’t do it now, when will I ? am 30 so you can help me count.

I’ve grown to be these private woman I am, I don’t show my private life on social media neither my moves cause I believe in the end but I just thought of sharing this journey of mine with you reading this to let you know the hustle is not beans so when tomorrow comes, you can tell who ever on my behalf that it was a journey of Hardrock, tears, pain and with no penny so I have to hustle for money to pay bills, fund my continous education then hustle on my dreams as well.

With money everything happens faster and that explains the delay but I believe in the RIGHT TIME too.
My books will make you a Reader once again and I hope my effort will not go unnotice.Stay tune

The above five hashtag are books are desire to publish these year but if I can’t get all of them out due to circumstances beyond my control, then three out of them five should be possible but five of them I really desire to finish writing before the end of the year, some are almost 2 years and still uncompleted which most times saddens me because I have to jungle between many things on a daily basis to make ends meet.

While music is still something I have not given up on, that is delaying as well because of lack of funds nor my acting dreams, so you can imagine.
I have these bunch of dreams am chasing and the year 2018 is a year of “work-harder” for me and nothing less.
Kindly stay with me on these journey of on “Becoming Yours Truly“.

Timeless Diary: Life play on!

Life play on! 

Life keeps playing whether you like it or not
In light and in the dark
In sorrow or in pain
In joy or in tears
There’s always going to be a story

A process that makes history
Cherish the moments that make memories
No matter what, is your story
My story is beautiful
Realizing it is the Joy I carried
With each passing day it even becomes more
Afteral is your story that make you
As well have the force to break you
Either ways is a choice you make
Its never going to be how we envisage it
Is awe inspiring, difficult, good, agony, yet fulfilling with the ups and downs
For life indeed plays on!

I hope you find the piece just like me
Put yourself together honey
Nobody will carry your burden for you
Nobody will know how hurt it aches on you
Don’t border hoping on any human
So you don’t become disappointed and angry
Is only you, you truly have
Forget the lies they tell you
Soon enough you’ll know better
Dreams are called dreams
Cause they are not Reality yet
But you can make every Dream a Reality
With a little More push
Endurance, determination and focus
The world can come to know you
That depends on how you want it
You are 100% in charge of your life
Let them say, remain true to you always
The world can be yours one day
And you will lead the stars
And the moon will not shine without you
Just hold on a little
For life plays on

In our darkest moments
With Faith we’ll overcome and become
When Hope deem off
Faith keeps us going
When laughter annoys us
Faith will Put a smile on our face
Hold on to it
Keep dreaming with Faith
Knowing as life play on
Someday, somehow you and I will be just fine
At the set time that we don’t even know
It hit me so hard
That I became forgetful
With whatever I signed the dotted line
Blind myself with courage
Became no more shame of my options
I conquered fear that almost killed me
How really am I supposed to
Keeping Faith as
Life play on!.