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Ivanka Trump Hit Tweeter With “Hot Date”

Timeless Fashion    Ivanka Trump one of my favorite white girl in the world did slay this amazing piece, a $2,750 dinner gown at the American football known as the gridiron dinner with Jared so much in love and comfort and she couldn’t help than to share her gorgeousness on tweeter with the caption “hot date” and…

Mila J Slay In Blue

The saying that “Queens are Blue” is so true and here is “Dr. Phil” crooner Mila J slaying in the world most colorful world of Blue. No doubt she slay. QueensTimeless Fashion

Waje Rock It Too Well !

Cute dark blue jumpsuit wore by Nigerian-Edo born vocalist W.A.J.E. No doubt, this massive weight loss really brings out the youthfulness and beauty of the mother of one. #TimelessFashion #Waje #Woman Timeless Fashion

Paris Iconic Fashion Designer, Givenchy Dies At 91

Hubert de Givenchy, the man behind those unique designed clothes and accessories is dead and he died at the age of 91. His longtime friend and partner Philippe Venet, a former couture designer confirmed the news “It was… an enormous help to know that I looked the part… Then the rest wasn’t so tough anymore.…