How To Quit Smoking And Masturbation With Ease And Never Go Back !

Smoking, Masturbation As A Habit

Smoking and Masturbation is a bad habit that destroys ones body inside out. While smoking leaves traces of impurities from head to toe and destroy the organs, on the other hand Masturbation destroys ones life physically and spiritually. Hence the body and organs suffers from smoking and ones life is totally destroyed by demons who rob one spiritually of the good things to come leaving people with the option of making poor decisions because whatever is destroyed spiritually is gone physically.

Generally speaking, we all know that any bad habit is not easy to let go and smoking of any form whether cigarettes or marijuana and masturbation are habits that Millions of people deal with in each generation while newborns and unborn will still deal with at some point of their lives in their generation and the reason why is, there is always that time in every man’s life when situations change and perspective as well change and when that time comes things has to change hence the struggle to quit some habits began.

Luckily for our generation, we have so much access to knowledge in everything and these topics are not exempted unlike past generations who knew nothing of what was killing them.

So let’s assume you are reading this piece of mine because you want to change the bad habit of smoking or masturbating that you’ve unconsciously developed overtime due to bad influence, peer-pressure, teenage lifestyle or out of hurt at some point of your life .

Irony Of Smoking

Some people may wonder, how can someone pick up smoking to subside their hurt? Well, that is very possible, as a matter of fact, people pick up drinking and smoking habit for different reasons, is not every woman that smokes that is a prostitute, some were lure in by a bad friend, while some picked it up for fun that later grew into addiction then some, due to emotional hurt from relationships gone bad or family trauma.

That is one reason why, for example, when you meet a young woman and she smokes and drink and you are like how did she get this messed up? You can ask her at some point in a very quiet serene of just you two why she smokes and bang! She’ll hit it!. And you can help her out easily because you wouldn’t be seeing her smoking habit that has turn lifestyle but the problem that prompted that habit and every problem has a solution, it could just be the right words that sends the barking dog away.

How You Can Help

So here is how you can help someone close to you out of smoking, hold and talk with the person in a quiet place of just you two time.

A loud open place will give you a loud open answer, answers like “for fun”, “I just like it” ” why asking please is not as bad as people see smokers” etc but if you really get close to her in a closeup place, you’ll get a lot of information she ain’t capable to spill when you asked her “tell me about yourself” because most times, women are not that open with their hurt and stuff like the men folks and most men strategically tells their woman the problem in their family from the very first time the relationship started to get into the woman’s heart but most women fail to bond with their predicament because they don’t just know how to tell you and bonding means a lot. So don’t be close off with your heart troubles when you feel right with whoever you’re with as that will help them in knowing you more and understanding you and things surrounding you better.

How To Quit Smoking And Masturbation

‘Quitting smoking is as hard as quitting masturbation’ these both bad habit are brothers and they’re heavily influenced by something more powerful than the human power.

Is true that masturbation relieves you just like the normal down stress reliever massage and just like sex, masturbation has a spiritual backing that’s why most people of the dark powers get empowered through sexual relationships that can be use spiritually.

When you have sex with your sexual partner, the Bible makes it clear to us that your two body magnet to become one! That’s why overtime when two lovers magnet, they unknowingly begin to share similarities in conduct, physical appearances and behaviors and that is why you shouldn’t be influenced with the world perspective of having sex with a sex toy, vibrators or animals of any kind because one only becomes one with whatever you having sex with spiritually.

Have sex with a non living thing, you too becomes a non living thing, though you’re are still breathing, you are dead spiritually, is just walking corpse.

For instance, when a person sleeps around with different people the person begin to have different facial appearances making there natural beauty to demean, believe it or not this exchange of hormones is not just the physical aspect but way more spiritual. (I will do a different post on that because its quite deep).

So these bad habits are like every other bad thing that carries an Evi force and everything immoral, bad, evil or that are frowned at, do have a spirit force behind it.

What I’m saying is that Everything both seen and unseen has a specific spirit that controls it, that is the only reason why it’s in existence because nothing without spirit can live or exist and is not just things seen that are living, God created things seen and things unseen for their different purpose.

Some may echo, Pray, pray! Yeah with prayers you can get most things done but not everything, so when battling with these bad habits or impurities (everything unclean, impure is not of God because God is a Clean, Holy God and no impurities can be found in Him or in His children or servant.) that are being controlled spiritually by evil forces, the demons that are on earth just to destroy every good thing, is not just by praying.

With prayers you can stop, pause, go-on-break for sometime but not quitting, you’ll definitely fall back someday which is later labeled as ‘just this once’ to ‘once in a while’ thereby shooting yourself spiritually and causing your physical life to sink-in deep mold and you begin to wonder how?.

Some often ask, “why did I smoke or masturbate again after stopping it for this long?” Yes! You came back to it because the spirit didn’t go away, is still within you and until you cast that spirit away is not leaving you or going anywhere.

And how can you cast such evil spirit away? in short; Through Deliverance, Repentance of sin, Fasting and Prayers.

Steps In Breaking Free

Here are steps that will not only help you Quit but as well break you free :-

  1. Know how these habits are affecting you spiritually and physically –

This is the most important of all as this will give you the zeal to fight the battle with full force.

One reason we shot ourselves unknowingly is because we don’t know anything about the spiritual realm.

The Bible makes it clear to us that what is made up of a man is a Soul, Spirit and Body, the body is just a lifeless structure without the Spirit and soul, so be more conscious of the spirit before the body, not forgetting that we are fighting against principalities and not wrestling with flesh and blood. So whatever you do ask the Bible and google “what is the spiritual effect of that or this” even if all you read is nonsense, one out all the nonsense will strike you and make sense to you.

To shed more light I will share with you my own personal experience.

When I was a teenager at some point after knowing what a man is, I began to experience some kind of force making love to me while am asleep, most times I wake up to it and stop moving my body and it was a trouble for me then I told my then boyfriend what I was experiencing but he didn’t know anything about it either and he just shabbily said something funny about it and so this thing continues and I still didn’t know what was happening to me until I got older and things got worst after someone introduced masturbation to me and I was so bonding myself with evil powers of darkness unknowingly whenever I masturbate till some how I related with someone in a better place to understanding and luckily for me, I am a dreamer, so with the help of what I see in my dreams it was way easy to understood more of what was happening to me in the spiritual realm that afterwards manifest in real life that prompts me in making poor decisions that only make life situations worse and continuously rob off my ‘Gems’ but I’m grateful now that all that is a bye gone.

So don’t take this lightly as there are more to what you do or what happens to you most times, not everytime.

2. Take your problems, addictions to God with all sincerity and ask Him to help you out then draw closer to Him in prayers, fasting and His word the Bible and apply what you’re studying in your life nonstop.

3. Go for thorough Deliverance in a church not deliverance of a pastor or a self acclaimed person laying hands and casting out, no! Is way more than that. Remembering what Jesus Christ said when he was speaking to his followers that “some demons can’t just be cast out with a rebuke rather is must be done through fasting and prayers.

Then keep the Holy Ghost fire burning in your life so when the demons go off roaming and find no place to enter, they wouldn’t return to where they came out from and even multiply more in you and how can you keep the Holy Ghost Fire burning in you? Is by continuously studying of the word of God, Practicing it, Talking about it and stay prayerful always, when you lay down, sit or walking, pray in the spirit and the spirit of God will never leave you but indulging in any form of impurity will only send the spirit of God away from you and the spirit of impurities will come and take charge then destroying you even more, so be wise and save yourself. And if you endeavor to be clean inside out, I bet, you will be a living testimony like myself and even you see you neighbors smoking whatsoever was your dealbreaker, you can never have that drive to pick it up to just have a drag because the spirit is out of you and out it is indeed!.

Good luck and drop a comment below.

Drugs & You: How Far Are You?

You and i May have some similarities in our troubles and addictions but we’ll not decide how far it affects our life, brains and mind. If only we can, we’ll drink getting drunk.

Sadly, today ain’t the days of just weed, whiskey and cigarettes. Is a day of more. More Weed, species of everything, hence watch how you do.

Growing up in this generation is even harder and not a day passes by without me saying ThankGod I did grew-up in the times of just weed and whiskey so I understand if this your time of adventure.

Education is key, and education is not limited to school only. Read online to know and before doing anything be aware of the negative effects on your wellbeing as this will help you stop it or keep off any glorified substance.

Be Mentally good, how can you be? Stop something you are used to and see what you become then ask yourself what’s good for your wellbeing? And make a decision.

Living An Orphan, As An Orphan.

An orphan (from the Greek: ορφανός, orphanós) is someone whose parents are dead or unknown or have abandoned them.

Though most times orphans are regarded as those whose parents are dead but in reality that’s not the case for every orphan out there. Some people are forced to live on their own due to different circumstances even though their parents are still breathing, hence such ones are as well orphans.

Obviously this post is about being an orphan and I want to share tips on what orphans have in common and one thing they both have that never fails them is GOD, yea, LOL they do and that’s all they really have.

Tips on living as an orphan

  • Realize your situation and accept it. Remind yourself you are all you’ve got and look out for your good in every situation.
  • Don’t be shy about your life or predicament – tell your friends, lover who you truly are. When I was growing up I never told anyone I meet about my life and it had a bad toll back on me. So tell your story, your pain to your close friends especially when they’ve tell you theirs, don’t hide anymore.
    Realize your situation and live in full awareness of what it is. This will not only make you have directions in your life but as well will shape you and you wouldn’t make many mistakes that you’ve to regret much later in future.
    Learn to save and spend less because you need money to see life through so SAVE and buy less.
  • Associate only with determine minds who want to be something in future not walk about friends hence they’ll lead you into who you are not and will make you do the wrong things and even make you go to the worst schools. Choice on who to associate with is everything so choose wisely.
  • Do not be overly-Joy, you’ll awaken your sense of reasoning in tears and pain hence sadness will do you more good than laughter. Be alive each moment so you don’t postpone whatever you dealing with because is not avoidable so feel free behind close doors to cry. Tears will bring joy to you and try not to wallow in tears for too long. Try to make yourself happy sometimes.

Drop your comments if the post is helpful or useful.

Timeless Health: Best Face Mask Recipe

What is Face Mask?

I will define Facial mask as any vital organic recipe that takes care of the face to achieve an aim. Why most people spend much money visiting the spa is not only because they’re lazy to do it themselves or because they cannot find better recipe but is because they assume the a professional spa should have the best and know the best spices to put together which is not true at all. I will end
that debate with information is power and determination is success, so make your facials and other beauty products yourself if you can and your results will amaze you reason why is you’ll understand what’s best working for you personally in your exploration and decided which to do away with and which to hold dearly.

Top Six Facial Mask Recipe Are ? 
My personal top six Face Mask Recipe are as follow and they’re my top six because of their effectiveness and miracle working glam, so here we go:
Avocado 🥑 Pear
Yellow Banana
Olive Oil
Natural Honey

Fighting Facial Problems 

So if you have some stubborn dark spot, acne, pimples and all of the not mention, you need to take care of your body medically, organically and naturally oh yes! And see it as for your goodness and I bet you will never be lazy about it no more cause once I was one lazy one when it comes to my face and I visited a friend out of town and she was girl what’s happening to you? You sleep and eat on your laptop while not put this and this to your face and forget it there till whenever you want to bath so I did my research as well jump in the bum and as time goes on with few tries I couldn’t believe how drastically my looks where getting better and I never heed back a good thing either so I decided to share for your benefit as well believe me there are people who would watch you rotting and wouldn’t say a word because they only want to be the Beyoncé while you stay Teni lol. I mean no downgrading you already know what is it!. Is comedy, is Reality, is news. So kindly drop your comments down! Down down and if you wanna know how to mix recipes and apply then check the next post on “Mixing Of Facial Mask Recipe” for maximum benefits. Chacha!!!

Food: Getting The Best From Homemade Egusi Soup


Photo:  Homemade Egusi Soup by Timeless Da Empress 

Having the best and enjoying your Egusi soup depends on your ingredients and reason why ingredients are important in our foods is to ascertain healthy living for our health should be paramount in that view I only feeds my body with what’s good for it which is very necessary and in making of Egusi Soup just like every other food, the components, the method you imply gives you the taste finale no magic about that. 

Some people assume make believe tales in food preparation but the fact remains

food making is simply garbage in garbage out. 
You can’t have what you didn’t throw in self explaining is you having no adequate salt in it because you didn’t put in adequately.

Making your Egusi Soup is not necessarily if you fry it or cook it as people differs same as there cooking skills, for me my cooking depends on how I feel in a moment and what I want at the moment. 

There times where I just want my Melon cooked so I don’t get to bleach the oil or the Melon itself while there are times where I want everything fried from the Melon to the fish to the meat and the only thing not fried then will the vegetables which are added 60 seconds to done and what makes Egusi Soup thick for me is my favorite Bitterleaf and little Spinach locally known in Nigeria as the Ugu leaf as these two veggies  combinations brings the goodness of green life into the Soup and it’s taste is simply delicious.

Mostly when the bitterleaf is left bitter (for the bitter taste lovers like me lol) it leaves your mouth sweetly sweetened after the meal.

And talking ingredients for this special African Delicacy,  You’ll  need a touch of

these top four alongside the grinded Melon which are Crayfish, it can be grinded alongside the Melon with pepper or decides to wash it in without blending. Titus Fish, should be cut to desired sizes. Meat or fried meatballs either way as you like it then Kpomo which can as well be sliced to desired size and Yeah is all set!.

The Egusi soup is one of Nigerians favorite soup and is affordable for everyone, with just small money you have made yourself or your family this delicious soup that can be enjoyed with Eba which is garri, Akpu, Pounded Yam, Semo, etc.  

So try it out if you’ve been doing it differently from my recommend and you can drop you comments below to share how you enjoy yours!. Yeah thank you.


TIMELESS HEALTH: Marijuana Usage And All You Should Know

As a matter of fact, the marijuana 
plant has some kind of spirit in it but that is only natural because even the Earth and everything alive in it are all living because it has a spirit behind their existence.
That’s why the mother earth produces things seen and things unseen for God says “with wisdom I formed the earth and with knowledge I spread the heavens” so every wisdom that is true is the one that comes from God as God is a spirit so are each creature spirited and plants of all sorts are not just there, they have life in them same as the beloved marijuana.

                    The Truth About Marijuana 

Like we all know Marijuana has been appraised by different individuals who are corrupted humans from birth who incurred sin that brings us death who are as well world icons and  legends but talking spiritual life, we need to realize what is true about every creation that was created by the Creator of everything that is in existence so every hypothesis/arguments  can only be tested with the real spiritual word which is the word that has life in itself which is known as the truth and except we have the truth that is complete only then can we truly live now and never be destroyed by knowing the truth and Living by it.

We know the Almighty as a Holy, Righteous and good  God, so if I may ask, if God is Holy and his Son Jesus Christ is known to be Holy, righteous and Good with same qualities as his Father possesses then can there be anything dirty, unclean, immoral, corrupt that can be Found in connection with this Holy Divinity ?
The answer is No of course! So is that simple, test everything or arguments with Jesus Christ
and the Truth will be right in front of us. Christ personality and what he represents and who God is and His will is always revealed to us in this manner.

If in anyway, you have been thinking weed, Marijuana, SK, igbo, gbana etc as the plant is labeled has any form of  spiritual connection with God is a lie as this is yet another method, chain of inferno and as Children of God with the spirit of God in us, is our duty to identify such and  we shouldn’t have anything to do with any impurity of any sort whether a thing or a person, that’s why our association matters same as what we do as we know “if we know better we will do better”. Let’s strive to know better with prayers and dedication then we’ll do not good but better.

as Apostles Paul enlightened us to be watchful of how we walk (Read 2 Corinthians 4-) that portion said we should not ‘touch’ not anything that is filthy, unclean.

So in these regard let’s take our stand against all impurity, uncleanliness and anything that corrupt our body and spirit since our body is the Temple of God where He lives in so it must be holy and clean. 

The Spirituality About Marijuana 

Most people have been led astray thereby destroying themselves in and out with the thinking they’re on the right path of some kind of spirituality with the use of Marijuana which is not the true. 
Most persons who got introduced to anything immoral mostly are victims of a certain circumstance depending on individual story since we all have our scripts in this unfair world which is the only reason not to judge anyone because you never really know and as holy as Jesus Christ he said we shouldn’t judge for we are not to judge the law except you are but we are doer of law as only lawmaker is the true judge of law, having said that we shouldn’t let whatever our circumstances define who we are as God has send us help to be saved and cleansed us with his pure light of hope (Jesus Christ) because he understands our circumstances even more that’s why he had chosen the poor and needy to be those who will inherit his glorious kingdom that no wealthy man’s money can ever buy but only our good deed and our faith can give us.

                                       Facts About Marijuana

Marijuana only give some kind of consciousness that makes it look like it had some spiritual power and I will only say the plant has a purpose which has been uttered and twisted by the Devil same way he had uttered and twisted everything from its normality.

 Bad is now meaning good. Anal is now the sex point, same sex is now the in thing while “hot” now mean beautiful when we rightly know anything that is “hot” will burn but this is the twisted generation of long ago but as children of light we should see through the darkness as that is the essence of Christ Jesus in us as our light will continue to get brighter as the dawning of a new day that only gets brighter and brighter.

In time past, some of us might have been in darkness associating with these things but now that we know the truth  by the power in the faith we carry and in the Name we call on, we don’t only disassociate but as well spread the good news of salvation and freedom to the world as that is what we are admonished to do as God fellow worker and as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ except otherwise is your case.

 So choose for yourself as there’s no favoritism with God and he doesn’t understand your inability to shun what’s wrong and do bad as our fear of God can only be when we control our bodies and cleanse ourselves from all impurities both physical and spiritual and He will reward us as he has promised for he is a God who takes pleasure in doing what is good.  

Like I’ve said earlier, the truth about anything can only be tested with just One thing, the truth which is Christ Jesus. 

So talking Spirituality and weed maybe confusing to some persons but that shouldn’t be our case cause we know hidden treasures which are top otch secrets that are unveiled to us by the Holy Spirit.

Now You Can Laugh: On The Drugs !


Growing up, the sight of drugs turns my stomach talkmore of them in my mouth then down my throat HuhSh!!.

I’ll throw everything in my tummy out except my intestine. LOL but here we are with nobody
cautioning anyone about why you must eat medicine same way you eat food when you need to and do you know what that is called? is call grown up!.

Now I know i’m no more a baby and like seriously now we can laugh about it all,  back then we know the battles.  😉😅