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Ifeanyi Udenze Argues On Footballers Being Guarded For Security Reasons

Nigerian football icon Ifeanyi Udenze did grace the Lagos Brila FM this morning and the topic discussed was if is necessary for football stars to always go out with their security guards to avoid fans mobbing and any situation that might be life threatened since there have been stories of Stars shot at and even killed in some occasions since they can afford it. Speaking on the matter, Udenze said […]

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Former Super Eagles Player Esin Etim Drugs Damage Self Display In A Lagos Bar !

Etim Esin who openly said in previous interviews that drugs killed his “promising football career” made a bad move last night that can only be associated of him being under the influence of drugs in a local bar on the island where he was drinking and smoking with a friend surrounded by girls far beneath his age him last night April 2nd 2019.His drugs problems played out when a lady […]

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Way Up: Odion Ighalo’s Changchun Yatai FC Score Their First 3-0

Ever since super Eagles striker Odion Ighalo moved from british Watford Fc to chinese Changchun Yatai FC not much has been heard about him until now that the striker club just got their first 3-0 home win against visiting Henan Jianye in the Chinese Super League (CSL) today, Sunday. According report, that was Changchun Yatai’s first league win of the season after six games (they had lost three and drawn […]

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David Beckham And Bella Hadid Enjoy Football Match Together In Paris

Unusual BFF are in town and its model Bella Hadid and David Beckham in the BFF zone, what an unusual match, they were alone without nobody that looks like Victoria Beckham or anyone in the figure of The WeekNd. The two suppose BFF were spotted sitting side-by-side at a football match in Paris wearing almost  identical black attire last two night ago, the pair were spotted watching a match between Paris […]

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Pep Guardiola Charged For Wearing Pro-Catalunya Yellow Ribbon

The Football Association (FA) has charged Manchester City manager over his wearing of a yellow ribbon on the touchline in recent months.The coach has been wearing the ribbon to show his support of imprisoned activists and politicians who campaigned for Catalan independence. Guardiola has been a vocal supporter of those locked up in the wake of the referendum in October 2017.The legality of the ribbon in English football became questionable, […]

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Meet Simidele Adeagbo, First African Woman To Ever Do It!

Simidele Adeife Omonla Adeagbo is the new Bae in town, making us proud at the 2018 Olympics with a certain sport that sound more like a ghost sport to Nigerians and Africa before now, who can beat that!. Simidele is the first Nigerian and only African skeleton racer who competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics and who has ever do it, she’s indeed a pace setter. Before competing in the […]

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