Ifeanyi Udenze Argues On Footballers Being Guarded For Security Reasons

Nigerian football icon Ifeanyi Udenze did grace the Lagos Brila FM this morning and the topic discussed was if is necessary for football stars to always go out with their security guards to avoid fans mobbing and any situation that might be life threatened since there have been stories of Stars shot at and even killed in some occasions since they can afford it.

Speaking on the matter, Udenze said is not always necessary but personally he would only take security guards with him to events, functions etc and not when he’s just want to have a stroll or chill and enjoy life normalcies as well stressing that people varies so Are their preferences while there are his kind of people who love to be free sometimes and enjoy normalcies there are as well Others who don’t want people touching or coming close to them so they take bodyguards all the way to anywhere because they don’t want people disturbing them whether for pleasantries or photos but it all bores down to an individual personality.

But with the whole explanation the Presenter still wasn’t getting it even after a caller called in to make reference to a football star he knows that only night crawl because of freedom and to avoid more fans sight seeing him whom I know but I That football star is night crawling because he like the Nightlife not because he doesn’t want people because he’s a people-person.

So back to the gist, the presenter wasn’t getting Udenze’s ideology of individual security preferences, his take is a no, NO stating that for security reasons and for stories that hurt, Footballers should always take guards everywhere they go and I’m like Wahoo! that can be possible if money wouldn’t be involved but for the money involvement and keepings that ain’t possible.

So guys KINDLY drop your thoughts down below comment box.

Former Super Eagles Player Esin Etim Drugs Damage Self Display In A Lagos Bar !

Etim Esin who openly said in previous interviews that drugs killed his “promising football career” made a bad move last night that can only be associated of him being under the influence of drugs in a local bar on the island where he was drinking and smoking with a friend surrounded by girls far beneath his age him last night April 2nd 2019.

His drugs problems played out when a lady market who comes to sells stuffs came around and approached Etim Esin’s friend who was concentrated on the football match showing on the television who in turn called Etim
Esin’s attention if he would like to see what the lady is selling, Etim Esin ask the lady to show him the belts which the lady did only for Etim Esin to stand up to show his belt on his waist while raising up His shirt which was not quite different just that his belt is a Salvatore while the marketer had Gucci, Cartier, Versace etc which are made for Nigeria market.

Angry Etim Esin was so disgusted that he start throwing words at the lady while telling his friend not to be calling him for rubbish, thereby drawing attention to himself as his friend kept apologizing to the lady not to be angry while the ladies sitting with them on the table look so disdained at Etim Esin’s reaction.

The marketer left their table angry while others felt bad for the marketer, confirming to Etim Esin damage from his use of drugs, said “that is his way” as his longtime drug used has made him unreasonable and makes flew up losing control of himself each time while some labeled him “problems Etim Esin”.

Is so pathetic to realize that these is coming from a man who was helped and still being help, not to mention of $50,000 that was paid by M.K.O Abiola to keep him out of Belgium jail, really sad!.

#SayNoToDrugs #DrugsDamages 

Jay-Jay Okocha To Be Arrested For Invading Court Order Over Unpaid Tax

                                          #TIMELESS SPORTS

Football legend Jay-Jay Okocha is been issued an arrest warrant by a Lagos State High Court following his resistance to appear before the court to defend himself over allegations of tax fraud filed against him.

Jide Martins, filed charges in June 2017 for the non-payment of tax and non-remittance of & 

income returns against the former Bolton Wanderers star & former captain of the Super Eagles before dusting off his boots in 2008.

According to records the suit, began in October 2017 with the 45-year-old failing to appear before the court on several occasions leading to another adjournment until April 11.

Earlier this year, Okocha had been issued a bench warrant of arrest on January 29 which was not affected in the last hearing scheduled for February 19.

Following the recent negligence, the court ordered that the arrest should be executed before the next court hearing schedule by April.

Way Up: Odion Ighalo’s Changchun Yatai FC Score Their First 3-0

Ever since super Eagles striker Odion Ighalo moved from british Watford Fc to chinese Changchun Yatai FC not much has been heard about him until now that the striker club just got
their first 3-0 home win against visiting Henan Jianye in the Chinese Super League (CSL) today, Sunday.

According report, that was Changchun Yatai’s first league win of the season after six games (they had lost three and drawn two of their last five league games).

Jie Sun gave them the lead in the third minute before Lasse Vibe made it 2-0 in the 47th minute.

And with seven minutes remaining in the game, Long Tan made sure of the three with the third goal.

The win moved Changchun Yatai to 13th on five points, in the 16-team league table.

Ighalo has scored just one goal in six league games for Changchun Yatai this campaign and has not scored in his last three league games.

His only goal so far this season was in a 1-1 home draw against Beijing Renhe last month March and hopefully more wins are on the way for the striker.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed on that!

Battle Of The Fit: PSG and Real Madrid Wants Mohammed Salah At All Cost

Egyptian born footballer Mohamed Salah is the hot dude in the soccer business as at of now and these is no joke as FCs want him so bad that Real Madrid has offer €50 Million for his moving.

The Liverpool FC midfielder has Real Madrid and PSG who are his top buyers to choose if he is to
move from Liverpool.

News has it that Real Madrid will offer a massive contract worth €25m per season to entice the 25-year-old from Diario Gol while on other hand PSG is so set to challenge Real Madrid over Salah.

A die-hard football fan share his view over Salah and here is want he said:

 “I’d really not want Salah to move to Madrid yet. Till next season. Let him Keep up this form till next season, so that Madrid would pay up to 200 Million for him. So as to break the record for the highest bought player from Africa. At least, to bring a good FIFA rating for African players”.

What’s your take on this one? kindly share your thought. 

David Beckham And Bella Hadid Enjoy Football Match Together In Paris

Unusual BFF are in town and its model Bella Hadid and David Beckham in the BFF zone, what an unusual match, they were alone without nobody that looks like Victoria Beckham or anyone in the figure of The WeekNd.

The two suppose BFF were spotted sitting side-by-side at a football match in Paris wearing almost 
identical black attire last two night ago, the pair were spotted watching a match between Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid at Parc des Princes stadium in the City of Love.

They greeted each other with a very respectable yet adorably friendly handshake that connote nothing more than an innocent handshake as the American fashion star is said to have been in Paris for the Fashion Week, where she took to the catwalk for Off-White and Isabel Isabelle Laurent’s women wear AW18 show.

Hadid Bella seems more interested in the football match than David Beckham who sat close to her or maybe the special one is playing the match that can’t be rule out, we may never know.

Pep Guardiola Charged For Wearing Pro-Catalunya Yellow Ribbon

The Football Association (FA) has charged Manchester City manager over his wearing of a yellow ribbon on the touchline in recent months.
The coach has been wearing the ribbon to show his support of imprisoned activists and politicians who campaigned for Catalan independence.
Guardiola has been a vocal supporter of those locked up in the wake of the referendum in October

The legality of the ribbon in English football became questionable, as Jose Mourinho asked in a press conference in December whether such a political message should be allowed.
According to law 4.5. of the International Football Association Board’s (IFAB) Laws of the Game, players and coaches are not permitted to wear equipment with “any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images”.
And the FA have opted to acknowledge Guardiola’s ribbon as a breach of reguations and will take steps to punish the City coach.

“Pep Guardiola has been charged for wearing a political message, specifically a yellow ribbon, in breach of The FA’s kit and advertising regulations,” a statement from the FA read.

“He has until 6pm on Monday 5 March 2018 to respond to the charge.”

Guardiola has explained his reason for making the tribute to those detained in his home region and feels that it is an issue that goes beyond Catalunya.

“I hope that the politicians in prison can leave as soon as possible for their families,” Guardiola said in a press conference. “If it can happen to them then it can happen to us. For giving an opinion. People shouldn’t be confusedand think it couldn’t happen to them, because it can.

“We cannot ignore that these eleven politicians or activists, who haven’t hurt anyone, are in prison for asking to vote.

“Many things have happened but it’s all because we wanted to vote, because we wanted a legal referendum. The solution is that the state and Catalunya should agree and we can have an agreed referendum. It’s as simple as that.”

Cull: Goal

Meet Simidele Adeagbo, First African Woman To Ever Do It!

Simidele Adeife Omonla Adeagbo is the new Bae in town, making us proud at the 2018 Olympics with a certain sport that sound more like a ghost sport to Nigerians and Africa before now, who can beat that!.

Simidele is the first Nigerian and only African skeleton racer who competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics and who has ever do it, she’s indeed a pace setter.

Before competing in the skeleton race at the Olympics, Adeagbo has competed in triple jump in 2008 among other competitions she has participate on.

Getty Image: Simidele Adeagbo

With the above photo, Simidele captioned on her IG page:

“Victory is mine! My heart is full. I’m overflowing with joy. I answered the call and served Nigeria with all my strength. This shining moment will live on in time forever. The world has now seen the first Nigerian, African and Black woman compete in the Skeleton at the Winter Olympics. The barrier is broken. The door is now open. The legacy is in place & the trail has been blazed for this chosen generation and those still to come. We will keep rising! 📸@gettysport 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬☠️🙌🏾👊🏾✊🏾💃🏿❄️🏅#sleighsimisleigh #winterolympics#breakingbarriers #historymaker#blackhistorymonth #blackgirlmagic

Winning the game is not as important as the courage she summon to break the barrier, thereby  opening the floor for more African athletes especially females to emerge and break the norm in all areas of sports and beyond.

She made Nigeria and Africa as a whole proud and we are more joyful to call her a Nigerian super woman.

Is a well done to Simidele, she indeed conquer.