OZORO killings seems to be unchanged over the years as the town is known for all sort of violence and silent killings which has not change till today. 

Some blame it on the name which means “fear dey or there is fear” which is the name of the wife of the founder, Opute while some argue to rename the town after the founder Opute instead since the OZORO name seems to be trouble for her children.

 The above young man is by the name Lucky Ojoga a.k.a Ajago a labour worker and an indigene who is reportedly shot dead in OZORO town where he was said to have attended a
wake keeping ceremony and on his way back a bullet from nowhere by unknown shooter hit him down.

Lucky Ojoga a.k.a Ajago

So sad!! 
                   May his gentle soul rest in peace.

‘Fela Anikulapo Kuti’ "Unknown Soldier" Emerge Again In Lai Mohammed’s Dapchi Girls Speech

Minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed has officially spoke on the rumour that spread like wide fire in the federation about the Nigeria Army collaborating with the government to make the kidnap of the Dapchi school girls by members of insurgency group Boko Haram a success for political reasons.

One unknown soldier called David Bako made the allegations to the general public as well revealed that the discussion on how to kidnapped the Dapchi school girls was masterminded in the Aso Villa in the FCT capital.

However, Lai insist that there is no soldier by the name “David Bako” and Nigerians should
disregard the news, labeling it as “fake news”.

The big Q! is why do our country Nigeria from days in memorial has “unknown soldier” (s) ? doing things and saying things?

According to Legendary Afrobeat singer, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, what does an unknown soldier has to do with the government or political matters.

It should be recall that is only Nigeria in the whole world as a country that unknown soldier emerge from nowhere when things go wrong and its pathetic.